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$100 Black Friday Gift Card - button not showing up - email link redirects to error page

$100 Black Friday Gift Card - button not showing up - email link redirects to error page

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Again, like many others I signed up for Verizon during Black Friday expecting to recieve: 1-year of Amazon Prime, Amazon Echo, and a $100 Amazon gift card. I have called multiple times and have just been redirected and given different numbers to different departments saying they would help me. I was told to call the promotional department number and waited more than 45 minutes to only speak to a representitive for 3 minutes. The representative said that they are aware of the problem regarding the Amazon gift card and told me that I will have to call another Verizon number and ask to speak to a supervisor to resolve the issue. I asked to be redirected to the department instead of going through the whole process of repeating and explaining myself again. I am redirected me to ANOTHER department and this time only waited for about 5 minutes until a representitive picked up. This representitive claims his department is in charge of ALL promotions...? I thought I waited 45minutes for the promotional department before? The representative then tells me that the link to redeem the Amazon gift card will be available tomorrow morning (1/11/19), but I have already read tons of problems regarding this issue on the Verizon forum, and most of the customers were told by the representitive to try the link again the next day. So I brang up this issue to the representative to make sure he isn't just repeating this to every single person. The representitive again just reaffirms his answer and tells me to jot down their "non-disclosed" phone number which is directed to their department. I will wait until tomorrow to see if the link works but my hopes are low. 

Contributor PaulB98765
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I signed up during the Balck Friday promotion which offered a $100 Amazon gift card. The gift card graphic appears on my account but when I click on the register link I get a meesage saying "Sorry. We could not find a matching record for the account information provided." even though I am logged into my account. I have had 2 online chats that told me to call. I call and get sent to the wrong department. Wait on hold forever to get transferred again and wait forever and get no resolution. This has been going on for weeks. 

Contributor PaulB98765
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I'm going through the same issue. Chatted, called, spoke to a few different departments and no resolution. 

Contributor wvutech
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Spoke to customer service on Verizon.com last month and was informed to wait 30 days, which now it's 31 days. I am still not able to redeem my $100 Amazon Gift Card.

I get this error message everytime I clink on the link to redeem in My Verizon. I should have been able to redeem within 24-48 hours of installation. Fios was installed on 12/10/2018. I have registered my account and have Auto-Pay on. What is going on? Can someone resolve this issue?
Sorry. We could not find a matching record for the account information provided.

Please note that if your service was installed within the last 24-48 hours, our system may not yet be updated with your new account information. Please wait 24-48 hours, then log back into My Verizon and click on the "Fios Welcome Bonus" link to complete the registration of your card or check your card shipping status.

If you feel you have received this message in error, please contact us at 1.800.837.4966


Also on rewards.verizon.com, I get this message.
Your reward informationCustomer name Reward type Eligibility date Current status


If you need to register for a reward, click the link next to that reward to complete registration.

If any of the information listed here is incorrect, please call us at 1.800.VERIZON (1.800.837.4966) to review your account.

Contributor Scarftail
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It's as it says in the subject header. Any chance I could have a Verizon agent successfully link me to where I can find this card?

Contributor mmmmaria
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i have the same exact issue and ive been calling them, passed on, transferred asked to call 5 different numbers and NOTHING.

Contributor Book_Lady25
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I've been dealing with this issue since December and still not fix. The hours I have spent dealing with this is crazy. I have called and chatted online. It's interesting that this person was able to get it fixed real quick when he went to his local news station.  I am thinking about contacting mine and seeing what they can do.



Contributor BigRegulator
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Looks like we may have to deduct $100 from our Verizon payment and see what happens. We can also light up Verizon on Google, Twitter and Facebook for fraud. It’s the only thing these people care about. 

Contributor Jirizarry
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I recently had a link pop-up on my account page to redeem my $100 Amazon gift card, based on the promotion I got when I signed up.  I clicked the link, registered my email address, and got a note that said it would be emailed within 24-48 hours.  However, the confirmation email is telling me it will be mailed within 30 days, and the "reward status" link is telling me it will be processed in 54 days.  Anyone else having problems like this?  Not exactly sure what to expect

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Any updates on this? Why does it feel the CS agents in this thread doesnt answer this 13 page issue?

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