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$100 Black Friday Gift Card - button not showing up - email link redirects to error page

$100 Black Friday Gift Card - button not showing up - email link redirects to error page

Contributor kagners
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Registered: ‎01-04-2019
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I ordered the black Friday deal too and had mine installed the exact same day (12/3).

I also got an email 12/4 to activate my gift card. The link was dead. I have since gotten a few other reminders. I was able to activate my Amazon prime membership no problem, and ordered the echo with "free 2 day shipping" then when I submitted it I was told it would arrive in February. 


To boot, the wifi and on demand of my service has not worked since a few days after installation. I'm regretting switching to Verizon already and not feeling confident that this will be resolved, as I've seen posts with the same issues dating back several months .

Copper Contributor george039413
Copper Contributor
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This made the local news in NYC. The story aired on NBC 4 just a few minutes ago. NBC called Verizon on behalf of the customer and he got his reward.

Copper Contributor frenzytom
Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎12-06-2018
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Here is the link to the news video. I wonder who she spoke to get the code sent the the man. 



Contributor CLNJ
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Registered: ‎12-11-2018
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I had the same problem. Contacted Verizon customer support numerous times, no one has a clue what the problem is.

Contributor chrfr
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Registered: ‎12-30-2018

After several Twitter discussions I was able to finally get someone to help on an online chat which originated from a link that Verizon sent to me via Twitter direct message. The chat mentioned something about restoring the tile to my “My Verizon” page, and a day or two after the chat, the link appeared, and worked. I then was able to register, but in a continuing scam, it looked like I’d have to wait 60 days from the initial install to actually get the $100 Amazon gift card. Today, a few days after registering for the gift card, I was finally able to redeem it. (I had already received the Prime and Echo promotions.)

Contributor Onelove1
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Registered: ‎01-05-2019
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Was this for just internet or TV too?

Copper Contributor Plashomb
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Well after over a month i finally have SOME resolution. I too had multiple phone calls, spent a total of 4 hours on the phone one day, tried the facebook page, tried online chat, etc and everyone was just passing me around, i did get another phone number to try at one point but it was constantly busy so i gve up. FINALLY i started Private Messaging somwhere here on the Forums with someone from the Social Media Team? That was within the past 5-6 days, and as of yesterday i was Able to FINALLY GET REGISTERED for the GIft Card by clicking on the "register" button from the home page of my verizon screen. No more Error we can't find you message! Success! 


HOWEVER.....the message on the screen i see now when i click to "check the status" is a bit confusing. It says the Eligibility Date is 3/4/2019. My service was installed on 11/29/2018. It also says, on the same screen that my gift card will be mailed within 30 days.... so who knows. The people i have been private messaging with say they are told that the 3/4 is a Typo, should be 2/4, when the offer expires. Believable, but i won't believe any of it until i actually get a card and can use it. Regardless, one big fiasco if you ask me.

Contributor leglyse
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Registered: ‎12-26-2018

My thread from two weeks also got locked with the message that an agent would contact me, yet no one did.  I spent hours on the phone with different departments who were all unable to help me.  


Yesterday, I received a reminder email telling me to redeem my offer for my Ring doorbell before it expires.  The link they include is the same broken  link to the yellow error page.


This is so incredibly frustrating.  If anyone has a solution, please share!

Contributor MadMerc
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Registered: ‎01-08-2019

Same problem as everyone else- useless chats (clear my cookies was the suggestion), phone calls with verizon (transferred to rebate center), phone calls with rebate center (wrong department that only deals with when the gift card is getting there which doesn't help since I can't even register), given a dead phone number at rebate center where they handle registration but that hangs up after 2 rings - tried claiming from multiple browsers and the My Fios App - no link.  One customer service rep said you have to wait 90 days after install to claim (not what offer says) and he can see that I registered for the card (I did not becuase there is no link).  What a mess.

Copper Contributor frenzytom
Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎12-06-2018

The last call I made, the rep said there was a issue posted on what to tell customers. He said the customer must wait 60 days and then get a redemption email. I told him how come we are getting misleading info via email and the My Verizon page? 60 days will be near the promo end date. Best bait and switch scheme yet.

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