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Account login problem

Contributor Timothy32
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Registered: ‎10-05-2009
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I am trying to help my dad out. He cannot login to his verizon.com account to manage his fios tv/internet/phone account. The username and password he signed up with do not work. I know he's already signed up because if i click register and put in his phone number i get this. Our records indicate that you are already registered for My Verizon.
Please make sure you’re entering the correct phone number and try again.

If you know your user ID and password, sign in to My Verizon or go here if you forgot them. If i click forgot them i try to reset the account but when i put in the number to get a new temporary pin it says we're sorry your entry does not match our records. If i try to retrieve the username and password it says the email and phone number is not in their records. I'm not sure what the heck is going on here. Also the phone number on his bill is different then his actual phone number that works. If anyone can help me or tell me someone i should message at the verizon.com forums for assistance with this problem i would be very appreciative.


Contributor jsmith01
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Registered: ‎05-17-2010
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I wish you luck.  I have has this same problem and have tried for over 5 months to get it fixed.  It seems as though there is something wrong with there logging system that they are incapable of fixing.  Make sure you get a repair ticket number or every time you call you will have to start over from the beginning

Contributor SimXM
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Registered: ‎05-18-2010
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I know My user ID and password and I can sign in to My Verizon but if I try to go to my Account Overview it has me do a PIN Request. I put in what I thought was my pin and I got the "We're sorry but the Temporary PIN you entered does not match the one we have on file." So I did the the PIN Request by Phone call/message to my phone number during normal hours so the system should have called me in a few minutes, but I did not get a call. I tried calling Verizon but got disconnected so I emailed them. But I also decided to put a posting here so that hopefully anybody an everybody with this problem can get some assistance.


Copper Contributor nlk10010
Copper Contributor
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Oh, great. I thought this was going to be an easy fix.

I've had a Verizon account for years for my landline. I just signed up for FIOS triple-play and was asked to create an ID for my e-mail so I used something else. Now I can't access my webmail with either ID, I keep getting "ID already in use" or "we cannot retrieve your ID"-type messages. I tried a chat yesterday and the rep, after using GoToAssist to try logging in through my PC, said I needed to contact someone else and quickly dropped the chat.

I need that webmail (the e-mail from my old provider no longer works). No wonder Cablevision is still doing so much business.

Contributor Timothy32
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Registered: ‎10-05-2009
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You may want to try calling the E-Center at 888-669-9901. They are the ones that handle these kinds of problems. That's what i was told my dad would have to do by Frank.

Copper Contributor nlk10010
Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎05-11-2010
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OK, thanks.


I tried chat again yesterday and got a pretty conscientious guy who tried all sorts of things.


Even though trying to log in still gives me error message it apparently succeeds as I can nevertheless access my e-mail, account info, etc.  A not very impressive advert for Verizon, if you ask me.


The CSR was apparently first told that my old e-mail was "migrating"; when I told him that I didn't HAVE an old Verizon e-mail account he quickly realized that whomever told him that had no idea what they were talking about so he gave me this workaround.


I'm STILL confused by the relationship (if any) between my old Verizon credentials and my new FIOS credentials, but I'll leave that for when I have more strength. Smiley Happy

Contributor CJKF
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Registered: ‎10-19-2010
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I have this same problem and what I eventually figured out was the username/password for the 1st email subaccount that I had setup for my wife (verizon.net) will work to login even though my username is the primary account as well as the fact the bill is in my name with absolutely no affiliation to her.  Even still I have spent 15 hours with tech support, billing, eservices, etc. to understand why the primary account holder can't access myverizon.com but no one can figure this out. 

Contributor manonoke
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Registered: ‎10-21-2010
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Wow this is kind of amazing. I had the same sort of problems when they first set up this whole "My Verizon" thing and it is still going on. I have to wonder if the good people on here who are high contributors get any sort of compensation for basically picking up the slack in Verizon's customer service. Not that most of the customer service people are not good people themselves although many are rude...But obviously there is not enough availability of customer support. Most of us are at work during the hours when we're supposed to get help from another human being and we can't spend hours on hold during work to resolve problems with this "service" that is supposed to enable us to manage basic account functions at any time. Of course customer support needs to be equipped to handle the problems and many of them are not. It seems to me that the biggest problem is simply this website itself. I would love to know who does Verizon's website support? I can't believe how many broken and dead end links there are, so many buttons that return script errors and force you to start all over again and on on...Seriously, do any of the people here get at least a break on their bill in exchange for helping Verizon's customers?

Contributor srlaserguy
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yes I am having the same same problem. Anytime I need help verizon tortures me with their prevent me from talking to a real person phone system.  Comcast provides much better Customer support, but I like the Fios product better. However the product isn't good enough to suffer thru the torture of getting a problem resolved.

Contributor OldCootBob
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Registered: ‎02-02-2011
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My login problem was caused when Verizon changed my userID for the new system. Not only did they change the userID, they also changed my password to an old password I onced used. You might want to try all known passwords used for the various websites Verizon had for their customers. I agree about the Customer Support. I ended up figuring out my problem out by myself. Verizon's crack support team was sending me secure e-mails that I needed to login to read for my login problem. Figure that out?

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