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Added bonus offers are a lie and customer service doesn't help

Added bonus offers are a lie and customer service doesn't help

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So, long story short, I have been trying to renew my contract for a couple of days and it says it offers me a price of 104.99 for La Conexion and that it included two added discounts. Then as I proceed to checkout, it changes my bundle price to 109.99 and it says "Select your bonus reward. This bundle qualifies for additional bonus rewards. Please select one of the following!".


The bonus offers are as follows:


$120 Visa prepaid card
HBO 12 Month Credit (savings of $19.99 /month)
$5 24 Mo. Contract Acceptance Offer
$10 24 Mo. Contract Acceptance Offer
No thanks, I don't want a special offer.
I chose the $10 discount and it gave a monthly price of 104.99, which is a five dollar discount from the checkout price and a zero discount of the price I was originally offered. So I did the whole chat thing and they tell me, well you are already receiving a 19.99 discount but that's because of another offer for having international calling, that has nothing to do with the quote I was originally given.
I gave up on that cause she kept on repeating herself, so I got on the phone and talked to a representative and he said that he couldn't see my screen therefore he couldn't do much about it and I asked to talk to somebody on their IT department as to why if it is being offered why is it not being honored. As far as I can see it is an added bonus not an included bonus. He then tells me his boss can not do anything about it.
So then what is the point of having customer service if they are of no use, and they can't give you a straight answer or at least forward you to someone that will. I would have been OK with the situation if they had told me it was a glitch on their behalf and they would correct it. I can accept an honest explanation but to just give the same repetitive answer is just a waste of time. At this point might as well find another provider than can honor what they offer.
And if a Verizon employee does read this, I have the screen shots and will be glad to show it to them.


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You most likely need to call verizon and complain to the Billing department.  They should be able to correct such offers,

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