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Alleged Copyright Violation Notification

Alleged Copyright Violation Notification

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Hello, I was wondering if someone could help me understand the "Alleged Copyright Violation Notification" under the "Account Actions" section of "My Services" Overview. The link doesn't work. I click it and my browser gets caught in an infinite redirect loop. There's nothing anywhere that explains what this link is. I ever called Verizon to ask them if my account had been flagged for a copyright violation, but the representatives couldn't find any information. Does anyone know what this "Alleged Copyright Violation Notification" link is supposed to do? Does it indicate that I have a violation, or is it just some sort of link to generic information about such things? Thank you.
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Can you post the location of the link the page? I am not able to find that link @ My Services overview in My Verizon.
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i too have the same message.


here is a link

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The link works for me.  When I click it it presents a screen like is shown below.


Looks like it's a landing page where you can check if your account has been reported to Verizon as a violator of copyright (the RIAA and others have been chasing people using illegal file sharing sites to download or running file sharing software  to share  copyrighted material such as movies).    Also looks like they could be using this link to notify people who are violating Verizon's copyrighted content (misappropriated content from their websites, etc.).


Sounds like they may in turn notify individuals who are suspected of this violation (or who they are notified of such) and ask them to respond via the link on this page.


ISP's in general hate being in the middle of this fight over copyright infringement and the law has thus far largely been on their side with respect to liability and forced termination of service -- but there are avenues in the legal system available to the holders of a copyright which can compel an ISP to disclose the identity of an individual who is potentially in violation so that proper legal action can be taken and depending on the nature of the violation, can in turn compel the ISP to terminate service to a violator.




 Alleged Copyright Violation Notifications
 Our records show that you do not have any Copyright Violation Notices. If you have reached this page because you were contacted by Verizon about Copyright Violation Notices received from our Content Providers, please contact a Verizon Representative at (888)-553-1555. 

If you would like more information about Copyright Violation Notices, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.
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Thanks for the input!  Now I wonder why it is that I can't get the page to load when I click the link.  I guess in the meantime that I'll have to call the Verizon legal divison and manually check if anything is flagged on my account.

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Same problem. Infinite loop. Link does not work in IE or Firefox.

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as i understand, and i have call technical support as long as ur notification said "NO RECORD OF NOTICE OR ANYTHING" just ignore it cause that is like a verizon Alleged copyright log so as long ur thing said none then dont worry about it like i did.
If you recived a email or phone call or even a notice then you should contact them.

but other then that, dont worry about it. and dont pirate off p2p.

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Same thing here, and I dont really appreciate FALSE accusations, wasting HOURS on hold, getting transferred because one rep couldnt figure it out, transferr me to another, disconnected, call back finally get someone who knows what it is - and come to find out that there is NOTHING on my account.  The reason the link doesnt work is because there is nothing on it.  So Verizon - figure out how to remove the link and dont alarm your customers for nothing!!

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If they are accusing me (or anyone) of alleged copyright infringement, they should at least let us know the exact nature of this offense. In other words, what did we copy? When did we copy it? Who was the owner? Just getting a robo-call alleging copyright infringement is annoying and certainly not helpful.


At least with speeding cameras, I get a notice in the mail with an address, a picture of my car, and the time and date of the offense. (Yes I have done this and I'm trying to lighten leaden foot.)

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I can not find anything resembling the page displayed on "My Services", despite getting repeated robo-calls

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