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Contributor SteepFiOS
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i just got my FiOS internet 100/100 installed on 12/26, as per the promotion I should be getting a $50/- Amazon gift card, however I don’t know where to find that information or request it, can someone please clarify?

Silver Contributor III Silver Contributor III
Silver Contributor III
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Have you checked your emails for the details on how to redeen you promotion?

Contributor Edwardio
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Registered: ‎01-25-2019
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I also purchased the 100/100 and should be getting a $50 gift card, but have heard nothing about it and haven't gotten an email for it.

Contributor Edwardio
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Registered: ‎01-25-2019
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Update, I finally found where the link is to register for the gift card.  You have to go to your "my verizon" homepage and then there is a link down on the right where you can register....  seems harder to find than it needs to be.




Contributor customerjan1119
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I installed the 100/100 fios internet which included a $50 amazon gift card for which I was supposed to receive an email to register but haven't received any emails to register. 


I am not sure how to register and avail this promised offer by Verizon Fios.

Contributor Adamfc777
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I got Verizon fios internet more than a month ago, and one of the incentives for signing up was the $50 Amazon Gift Card. I HAVE NOT received my $50 Amazon Gift Card.


I called a Verizon representative 2 weeks ago to check in on my $50 gift card, and he said I would get an email about it. It has since been 2 weeks and I still have not received my $50 Amazon Gift Card.


Please help. I would like to get in touch with a Verizon representative that can help me get the $50 Gift Card that was promised and in the deal when I signed up for Verizon fios. 

Contributor Jamaicanqueen10
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I got my Fios service December 1, 2018. I received the email about the gift card. When I tried to register for the gift card the imagine was not in my account. After speaking to customer service for two weeks then I was able to register for the gift card. The message on the site said that I would receive the email 24 to 48 on the gift card information. I am still waiting on that email or gift card. I have spoken to customer service several times over the past two months only to be told that they will escalation desk. I am still waiting. I honestly feel duped by verizon because I still have got received. Verizon has not reached out to customers that have been affected by this promotion and I am very disappointed. Honestly, I find it funny that they are still running a promotion for $50 Amazon gift card when there are customer still waiting for their $100 gift card. Your customers deserved some answers other than it is being sent to the escalation desk. 

Contributor ktella
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I had my Fios Internet installed by 12/31/18 like the promo said and was told to wait 30 days for a followup email on how to register for the $50 Amazon gift card. It's February now and I never received any email or notice on how to get the gift card.


At the same time, on my account home page I see a notice saying to register within 60 days of installation to get a Visa Rewards Card. Not only is it not an Amazon gift card like the promo said, but even when I click to register, all it does is direct me to the My Rewards+ page with no visible link to register for any gift cards.

Contributor Riensept
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I was told that even though two people verified that I would be getting the gift card, and I have it written down with my by the guy that came to my door, that they were wrong and I was a day late on the promotion.  They came to my house asking me to switch, I didn't go to them.  Apparently after being on the phone and shuffled around three times, 1. I can't speak to a supervisor and 2. I should be happy that I got the amazon echo and prime. 

No I'm not happy and now I'm wondering if Directv will take me back.  

Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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They will and also pay early termination fees via visa gift card as reimbursement 

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