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Another Bait and Switch

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Another Bait and Switch

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We were quoted a price by Verizon when we were still with Time Warner Cable.  I was looking to switch because I didnt want to wait to see how the CBS/Showtime issue with Time Warner was going to resolve.    The quote was about $10 more than we had been paying with Time Warner, but with faster internet.  The quote including HBO, Showtime and was without a phone line.  By the time our installation rolled around, TWC had gotten back CBS and Showtime but we still decided to check out FIOS given the faster internet and the fact I had heard relatively good things about it.

My wife and I are both doing our medical residencies at very busy hospitals, so the day we were able to do the installation, I was on my way out to work and she was getting ready to sleep before her night shift.  Keep in mind we had already taken a significant amount of time talking to verizon over the phone to get to a rate and plan we were happy with.  On the day of installation, I asked the installer about HBO and he stated that it was not in the order.  Neither was Showtime.  I was pretty annoyed, but the installer was actually a good guy.  He had no direct line to talk to anyone to fix the order (shocker) and definitely didnt have the time to wait around for us to get on the phone with an account rep.  He also tried to drop off a phone line and charge an additional $20.  We explicitely said we didnt want a phone!  

Now my wife's plan for the day was to be home for the installation and drop off the TWC box and sleep prior to working a hectic night shift where she makes decisions that people's lives depend on.  Now she was stuck on the phone waiting to speak to verizon.  I was out the door to work in an emergency department sorrounded by hospitals that have gone out of buisness.  Where there are too many patients in stretchers to move and not enough cardiac monitors to know when they crash. 

Verizon account reps were useless and basically told us we were never quoted the price that we were and that they had no record of our agreement or conversations.  Why didnt we have the email?  They sent the original confirmation to our email  Why in the hell would we have a emal????   She stated we could have Showtime and HBO but would pay an additional $40 to our order.  $50 than we were paying Time Warner.  After she had spent an hour on the phone, my exasperated wife decided to just cancel the service and return the box to these scam artists.  She disconnected all the wires for cable and internet and returned them.

Once I came home from my hectic 14 hour shift in the hospital.  I had the pleasure of now reconnecting all the Time Warner equipment and rewire my entertainment system and internet.  And change the main connections in our apartment from Fios back to Time Warner.  Now i can watch NY1 news 🙂

It is just very obvious that Verizon utilizes the bait and switch technique to get the box into your apartment and then puts several barriers in your way to reverse the situation.  Clearly they hope you just give up and go with it, paying extra for your convenience and time.  They are flat out liars.


Thanks Verizon for wasting our day.  At least now we know never to deal with you again.

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Re: Another Bait and Switch

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We have had a very good experience with Verizon. 

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Re: Another Bait and Switch

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When you read some more posts in this forum, you will find many posters have the similar bad experience like you. When customers have problems with verizon, they would try every means they can to get their problems fixed. Coming to this forum is one of them.


Based on my own experience, you need to be persistent to contact verizon, which may take lots of your free time, which is the extra sacrifice we, as verizon customers, have to make for the mistakes they make. You need to be patient and try not to get frustrated, because during this process of contacting verizon, or posting here, you will meet unreasonalbe and inexpert verizon employees, who cannot empathize with you, as well as some reasonable and knowledgable employees, who can help you to resolve the problems. Just keep trying. Good luck.

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