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We were enrolled in auto-pay for years, no problems.  After switching to Fios we were unaware that we needed to re-enroll for the 'new' account.  After being notified that we were overdue we made an online payment and enrolled in auto-pay.  We assumed that enrolling once would be sufficient, but it wasn't.  We again received a notice of 'overdue'.  We again made an online payment and enrolled again in auto-pay.  How many times must we enroll in a system that benefits Verizon before it 'sticks'.  I don't want to see our credit standing affected due to inefficiencies in the Verizon system.

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Silver Contributor V
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You should not assume Auto-pay is active until you see it listed on your bill.  It can be on the very next bill but has been known to be longer.

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I guess it depends upon your definition of little longer - 3-4 months to process the change is not a little longer.  Verizon is quick to send out the thank you email for enrolling, just slow to activiate the process.  They should warn you on the email that the process could take months and send a followup email when the process has been activitated.  I would call that customer service.

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Same thing happened to me, and it's still unresolved. Going on 5 months since I enrolled, so I've stopped paying until they work it out. Verizon has two methods of payment, but they refused to charge me. The bill continues to say I'm enrolled and that I should not send in payment. I'm on paperless billing, so I took screenshots. We'll see what happens.

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Great fun... I just spoke to "Rhonda" and her boss who both argued that I was not set up on Auto Pay (my bill had stopped Auto-Paying and I received a bill - I'm also supposed to be paperless)  I took the following before I De-Enrolled and Re-Enrolled.  Apparently, Verizon is having some issues keeping their system together and tracking from one database to another.  Rhonda and the manager both told me that they could not see ANY Credit Card payment account information although the below clearly is pulling it from somewhere... Should I be worried that my credit card details are not being properly safeguarded?  The Verizon folks had no clue and nobody to point me to.

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