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Bill sent to collections just showed up when buying my first house!

Bill sent to collections just showed up when buying my first house!

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    About a year back I applied for Verizon FIOS. I spoke to a sales rep and they offered DSL phone and TV for approx 60 dollars a month ..FIOS was not an option.., in comparison to what we currently had from Timewarner and Skype as our phone. Shortly after we had several attempts to have a Technician come on site to have it installed the Tech never showed. Before we got hooked up we got our first bill for over 100$ for the first month, right after I contacted the sales department and they said that's what was agreed on. I explained to them that was not what was represented over the phone and I canceled the plan right then. Weeks after I got a 2nd bill for approx $650. I called and stayed on the phone with them for several hours as I was getting routed to the correct department having to do with my Lanline and my DSL being one account? They told me a Specialist would have to look into and call me back. I never received a call and I contacted them once more and was told the same thing. I told them to make note on the account and I will await my call to be returned after a supervisor looked over the account, I informed them I never used the internet service as I didnt even receive the equipment from what I recall ..its been over a year.. After no phone call return after my attempts I stopped getting a bill. I am not in middle of buying a House and found that not the Bill was never resolved but Verizon has now filed it in collections and it now effected my Fico score. What do I need to do to get this withdrawn and resolved. I've never missed a payment in my life and now I have this in collections!

I do not have my account number nor a copy of my bill, i will look through my files and see if I can locate a paper trail for this but I dont know if I will be able to locate one.



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 We have spoken to Ms. Codero and she stated that she has spoken to you and she is handling the issue .  Please reach back to us if you need us anytime.


Tonya D.

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