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Billing Mess- Three Months and Counting, despite promises to fix it

Billing Mess- Three Months and Counting, despite promises to fix it

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You're right!   after dealing w/their customer service/billing department  I wouldn't recommend Verizon to anyone!  I would rather have less quality but more peace of mind with another service provider.   They are supposed to be calling my by Friday...we're two days away and no phone call yet..

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 We have reached out to contact  you this morning at 9:41 am this morning. If you have a diffrent number to reach you please sent us that number so that we can get this issue resolved.






Tonya D.

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Verizon support is in receipt of this issue. We will send you a PM to gather additional information.


Tonya D.

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I promised I would report back if and when the problem was resolved.


While frustrated with what it took, today I was able to print a bill showing paid in full. The odd part was the account summary on the website (the small box in the upper right side of the page) switched to say paid in full a few weeks ago, but if I clicked on the bill, it said I still owed the money and it was being sent to collections, as did the notes.  It was not until today, January 5, that a bill dated December 28 showed up.  There really seem to be system non-integration issues on Verizon's end.  I am happy it was resolved, but it is very frustrating that the website provides contradictory status reports on something as simple as a bill.

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I have been screwed by Verizon also.  They will not even listen to your responses.  They just want money for what you do not legally owe.  Who wants to start a CLASS ACTION LAWSUITE?  I believe that there are a large number of customers that have been taken by Verizon & need legal help.  I know I do.  Email me at {edited for privacy}@gmail.com if you want to be part of a lawsuite.  I am not afiliated with any lawyers, but after we get some customers names, I can contact some of the money hungry lawyers to represent us.

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My husband and I stopped our Verizon FIOS service in September 2012 when we moved across the country. We sent our equipment back from Mailboxes Etc. (like Verizon specified us to do) and kept the tracking number that has the date, time, location, and person who signed for the cable box when it was received. Months later we received a bill out of nowhere, forwarded from our old address, that we had a $571 balance. We thought it was suspicious that the bill was sent to our old address when we had replaced it with our new address in their system months earlier! To my amazement, after researching online, I found that many FIOS customers have experienced the EXACT same situation - down the minute detail - over the last few years of how Verizon is operating this scam and forcing customers to pay for unreturned equipment that they themselves had lost.


Since finding out about our pending bill, I have been on the phone with Verizon reps for months now and none of them seem to have the same information. Some reps even neglected to open a ticket to look into the matter and promptly sent our bill to collections even though the matter was supposed to be under investigation. Some reps promised they would "personally follow up and call" me, but never did. In one particular call, after talking to half a dozen reps, some of them claimed they could not even find my account! One of them even told me my balance was $0 and I asked to be transferred to Finance to ensure the bill was cleared, and Finance informed me that the $571 balance was still pending and transferred me to yet another rep who said the balance was back! I argued with Finance to get them to put a hold on sending the bill to collections, and that I shouldn't be held responsible for them losing track of the box. They signed for the package and assumed full responsibility, and now customers are paying the price.


I kept a running spreadsheet of everyone I spoke to, by name/employee number, since they all had conflicting things to tell me. Some representatives flat out refused to give me their employee numbers so they would be protected. Two weeks later, after yet another representative failed to follow up with their "promise" to return my call... I called them again today, and several representatives immediately hung up on me when I asked for an update on the investigation, while others sent me in circles to the same departments: Financial, Billing, and Credit Verification - all of them shirked responsibility for the case and some representatives were simply too lazy to even look my information up. Not to mention, this time around NONE of the representatives could even find our account - even after supplying our social security number! We have literally been wiped from their system with no ability to even look into our "investigation"  - EXCEPT for our $600 bill that is still pending of course!


Judging by everyone's experience I've been reading about, this is exactly what Verizon wants... for customers to jump through hoops and fight this for months on end, and eventually give up and pay erroneous charges, so that their credit won't be affected. They've found a way to pigeon hole customers into doing exactly what they want! This situation has caused customers like myself huge amounts of distress and cost of both time and money spent on hours of phone calls with Verizon over the span of months. After reading horror stories of others online who have not resolved the exact same situation after months of "investigation" by Verizon and eventually had to pony up the money to settle the bill - I'm terrified that my credit score will be adversely affected and I will not be able to do anything about it.


After the last conversation with dozens of representatives reduced me to tears from the complete and utter lack of service and regard for their customers, I will now contact the Verizon executive offices directly with certified mail, contact local media, credit companies, and I have begun the process of filing claims with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Better Business Bureau, and the Federal Trade Commission.

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Good evening ,


We sent you a message on our private support board to assist you and we did not receive a response.  Please repost the issue if you are still experiencing a problem so that we may assist you. 




Tonya D.

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