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Billing Mistakes - Unhappy New Customer

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Billing Mistakes - Unhappy New Customer

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I signed up for Verizon in January 2012 and much to my surprise the first bill was completely wrong and customer service seems unable to resolve the problem. I've called 2x and have been emailing them for about 2.5 weeks now in an attempt to get the billing error corrected. Does this sound familiar to anyone else out there?

Here's the situation:

Verizon Triple Play for $114.99

  • FiOS TV Ultimate HD
  • FiOS Internet 25/25
  • FiOS Digital Voice - Unlimited Plan
  • Additional charge of $19.00 per month for multi-room (4) DVR
  • One time charge of $19.99 for hooking up the 4th TV

Price includes the following:

  • $25 worth of credits for 24 months
  • Free MultiRoom DVR for Life
  • FiOS Activation Fee Waived
  • FiOS Internet Activation Fee Waived

Total Charge (excluding taxes, etc) for first month should be $153.98; for months 2-24 it should be $133.99

Upon recieving my first bill I find the following errors:

  • Missing $10 worth of monthly credits
  • FiOS Internet Activation Fee is not being waived

I called Verizon customer service immediately and was able to get the FiOS Internet Activation fee waived but was told I'd have to call each month since it is billed over 3 billing cycles. Although I am frustrated that they can't prevent the charge from appearing in the first place I can handle 3 calls to customer service to have the credit added to my account.

As for the missing $10 credit... I have not been able to resolve the issue after sending multiple emails and faxes that clearly state I should be getting the credit each month. I've dealt with Albert, Elvin, Bonita, and Tia. The only CSR that seemed willing to help was Bonita. She provided me a fax number and I sent the screenshots showing the $25 worth of credits I was to receive each month. She responded acknowledging receipt of the fax and stated it would take 7 business days to review. Well, it's been 9 full business days I sent an email to follow-up and got a reply from Tia indicating that the $10 worth of credits each month was denied because I didn't order online. I DID ORDER ONLINE!!! As a new customer I am very unhappy with the Verizon's billing practices and customer service.

Anyone out there have an idea how to get this billing issue resolved?


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Re: Billing Mistakes - Unhappy New Customer

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Verizon support is in receipt of this issue. We will send you a PM to gather additional information.


Tonya D.

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Re: Billing Mistakes - Unhappy New Customer

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I think that sharing your experience with anyone that might make the mistake of signing up with Verizon would be good start.

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Re: Billing Mistakes - Unhappy New Customer

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I'm sorry to hear about your recent issue. The Verizon Forums is a peer-to-peer support channel in which users help other users. Because your issue appears to need account specific assistance from Verizon, I've copied your message to an employee monitored board, where a Verizon representative can assist you. You will be contacted by email, private message in the Forums and/or the billing telephone number on your Verizon account as soon as possible.


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Re: Billing Mistakes - Unhappy New Customer

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Sorry for the troubles!  I've sent you a PM so that we can get enough information to locate your account and help get this resolved for you.



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Re: Billing Mistakes - Unhappy New Customer

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This EXACT SAME THING just happened to my husband and I. I work for a local television station and our consumer reporter has done numerous stories about poor Verizon service/billing (specifically their attempts to "doup" their customers with misleading charges such as the "installation" fees.) I have filed a report with BBB and urge you to do the same. Each time I call Verizon customer service, I also record the conversation on my phone. My only regret is that I didn't do that when I called to set up my new account.

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Re: Billing Mistakes - Unhappy New Customer

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Another week has gone by without a response from Bonita after I provided her with additional information concerning my order via email on 02/10/12.


I didn't get any help from Adam_VZ after providing him with the information he requested via the PM.


I am still not getting anywhere with resolving this issue but will keep the thread updated with any progress that I am able to make.

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Re: Billing Mistakes - Unhappy New Customer

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Thanks for the feedback, I have also filed a complaint with the BBB.

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Re: Billing Mistakes - Unhappy New Customer

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Got my second bill yesterday that contained the incorrect charges and was missing credits. Called customer service and spoke to Lisa. She was very helpful; it was great to finally speak to someone that knew how to do their job. She gave me a credit for the installation charges on the current bill plus a credit for the charges that will be on the next bill so I don't have to call back next month. She also stated that a $10 credit would be placed on my account for the next 12 months to give me the discount I was offered when I signed up service. Although the discount is only for 12 months instead of 24 I am happy with the customer service Lisa provided.


What I learned from this process is that Verizon does have at least one capable CSR but finding the one willing to help can take multiple attempts (3 phone calls and 10+ emails). I was tempted to ask for a supervisor or the retention department on this last call but was glad that I gave Lisa an opportunity to help me. She was friendly from the start and you could tell that she truly wanted to resolve the problem.


When I get my bill next month I will provide another update to let everyone know if the additional credit of $10 is noted on my bill.

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Re: Billing Mistakes - Unhappy New Customer

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You was very happy guy, I can't solve my problems SIX months, they add me some fake amount $30, I spend one month  to try get a credit back, but in next bill I got later payment fee $7.

After I was in person in Verizon office they promise me remove it from next bill, but they add me Showtime and Epix for $25


So you can't won agains them, better swith back to brighhouse or disconect TV at all.

I very happy with T-Mobile, never have a single problems with billing, but they don't have TV and hone internet

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Re: Billing Mistakes - Unhappy New Customer

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Yes, I had the same ripoff experience that you did.  Signed up for the triple play promotion  right around the same time as you, too.  

I was super vigilant because I started to smell a rat before installation (I couldn't get a written confirmation of all the credits and fee waivers I was promised on line).  I canceled the order and started over,  taking screen caps of everything I was promised along the way, so that at least I would have proof.


Glad I did that because I just found the internet activation fee on my bill (it was supposed to be waived). Now I'll have to got to battle with them to get it removed.  


Also have a $5 late fee already!  This is the first bill.  It's a shame that we have to watch them so closely. Turn you back for a second and they try to rip you off at every step.

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