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Billing issue....not what I was promised

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Re: Billing issue....not what I was promised

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WOW this is exactly what happened to me and my family - then we got 3 other familys to sign up for this "great deal" 

I wish I never left Comcast. We just signed up on 5-12-12 and have been fighting with this rip off company. They screwed 

my 76 year old father and i'm going to make it my mission to destroy their reputation at senior centers(heading there in half hour)

and any where else I can. I screenprint and I just ordered 100 shirts i'm going to give away for free with a not so friendly message for Verizon. Our service suddenly was suspended last night, including internet, my bill is due in june but they want a $200 plus payment for instl. THAT WE WERE TOLD WAS WAVED ALONG WITH FREE HBO,STARS...AND A $500.00 GIFT CARD FOR NOT TAKING A LIFE TIME DVR-all lies  I'd like to thank below Verizon employees for lying and not doing their jobs.


Manny {edited for privacy}: spoke on phone5-23-12 9:53pm told us he had no record of any complaints and we didn't need a supervisor 

he can handle it 


Supervisor Jerry {edited for privacy}:  spoke on 5-23-12  10:11pm told me he could....see notes of numerous complaints -said he would put a rush order on restoring service would take 2Hrs. I waited until 2:30am until I gave up -I had important E-mails to respond to

(can't use my verizon email because thats screwed up-but Jerry said he would have someone fix that today-and he would personal call us this Sat.) 


Denise {edited for privacy}  5-24-12


Supervisor Krystal{edited for privacy} 5-24-12 out of Illinois -no other mang. but her working and she has no ext. number to get back to her 


I will be going back to another provider I don't care what it cost to deactivate I will be looking into thieft of services charges

on their rep. Penny (if thats her real name



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Re: Billing issue....not what I was promised

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wait....why are their VERIZON I.D. NUMBERS EDITED FOR PRIVACY? this is not private this is not their s.s.# this is their identification number at verizon if I had an issue with a police officer i want his name and badge and i'm a tax payer so this is my right-i'm a paying customer with a complaint about mentioned employees who provided me with their information this is not private.  

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Re: Billing issue....not what I was promised

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Please check your Private Message Inbox. It should look like this -->> 

If a forum member gives an answer you like, give them the Kudos they deserve. If a member gives you the answer to your question, mark the answer that solved your issue as the accepted solution.

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Nickel Contributor
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Re: Billing issue....not what I was promised

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One of the "most Kudoed" threads is a praise of all things Verizon. Not hard to see where the employees direct attention.


Verizon/Fios has issues due to the fact that once a customer signs a contract, the customer is no longer valued. If the corporation would direct as much money into fixing the failed email migrations, the terrible customer service, and slow down expansion to correct all of the wrongs that the current customers are experiencing, as they spend on the executive team and the CWA, these types of complaints would be greatly reduced.


As it currently stands, any customer who complains receives zero respect.

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Re: Billing issue....not what I was promised

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Same thing here!  I am so frustrated!  I have a printed chat showing that I renewed my bundle at $94.99 for two years.  I get the first bill and it is $109.99!  I have spoken to several people at Verizon and don't feel like I have accomplished anything with the exception of a $15.00 credit on my current bill.  I have even faxed them the chat session which is very precise regarding pricing.  I have a bad feeling that my next bill will still be wrong.  I have been promised on more than one occassion that someone would call me with a status on the issue within 24 hours.  THEY NEVER CALL!  If I provided such poor customer service at my place of employment I would be looking for a new job! Come on Verizon, step up to the plate and pay attention to your PAYING customers before you no longer have any paying customers.  

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Re: Billing issue....not what I was promised

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Here is the confirmation: 




Here is my bill in month 4: 




Please note the 1 time fees were charges in month 1, so this increased price does not include this. The price before taxes is $59.99 more than what was promised.  When I call Verizon, they just connect me to DirecTV saying it's their charge.  I would definitely drop this service, however part of this deal is signing a 2 year contract with DirecTV.  So if I drop it I have to pay them $20/month for 20 months and I don't even have a problem with DirecTV, Verizon is the company that screwed me.  That still may actually be worth it!  Verizon sucks you in to a deal and keeps you locked in at a price you did not agree to by using DirecTV's contract!  Does anyone have any advice for what to do?  Obviously trying to work through Verizon Customer Service does not work!

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Re: Billing issue....not what I was promised

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Hello jmtmtb


Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Before the agent can begin assisting you, they will need to collect further information from you.Please go to your profile page for the forum, and look in the middle, right at the top where you will find an area titled "My Support Cases". You can reach your profile page by clicking on your name beside your post, or at the top left of this page underneath the title of the board.
Under “My Support Cases” you will find a link to the private board where you and the agent may exchange information. This should be checked on a frequent basis as the agent may be waiting for information from you before they can proceed with any actions. Please keep all correspondence regarding your issue in the private support portal.

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Re: Billing issue....not what I was promised

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Due to no response, we are closing this case. I hope everything got taken care of. Please feel free to make a new post anytime you need assistance.


- Jose_VZ

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