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Black Friday offer

Contributor grdh20
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This whole thing is nothing but a scam. There offers on web is different than offer on chat and different on phone call. Idiotic system.  Anyway, chances are your current deal is better than this so called "offer".  What a waste of time.

Copper Contributor Subielover
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Has anyone actually gotten this resolved yet? It's been almost a month now since this occurred.

Copper Contributor needcoffee
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I finally got this resolved last Friday. The issue as explained to me was that the offer that I received (which looks to be the same offer most everyone here received) was not meant for current subscribers; it was meant only for new subscribers. So, when I (we) hit "Yes/Submit", the back end processes accepted for me (us) the "proper" offer which, frankly, sucked.


I ultimately submitted a BBB complaint and threatened to go to my state Attorney General to level a fraud complaint. I do know that a very nice woman from Verizon's Executive Relations team called me, explained what had happened, and worked with me to get an acceptable resolution. I do not feel I should have had to escalate as much as I did, but it did get results. Your mileage may very, but don't back down.


If you are still having an issue, my suggestion is to explain to whomever you are speaking to that you received an erroneous offer from Verizon on Good Friday and need this resolved.They SHOULD be aware of the issue now, and SHOULD be rolling out solutions to everyone effected. My faith in Verizon is pretty shattered right now, not so much for the problem (because problems happen) but because of their flippant "can't do anything about it now" attitude. Frankly, the service offerings between Verizon and Comcast (the two providers in my area) are about identical: tv, phone, internet. The only two differences are price and customer support. In this case, Verizon failed on both accounts. I hope they're listening.



Copper Contributor Subielover
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They're still giving me the run around. I've talked to them 3 times now. The first time they said they'd update my account with the new price and let me know within 3 days when it was complete. They never did so I reached out again and someone needed 2 more days to look into it. Again nobody contacted me so I contacted them again. I was told I didn't qualify for the promo and that all the other offers they had for me would raise my bill even more than it did from this promo. I asked to just have my order reversed if I didn't qualify for the promo and was told it's impossible. After insisting this wasn't right or fair, supposedly a ticket has been created to revert my pricing to what I had originally. I was told it would take at least 3 days and then I'd be contacted. That was Friday, and still nothing.

Copper Contributor Sq70
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What do you mean by "resolved"?

Did verizon offer you the advertised price that you agreed to online? Or did they simply provide an excuse for their behavior and say tough luck you are locked in a 2 year contract at the inflated fraudulent price and offer some minor discount?

Copper Contributor SoUpset
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No, they are still trying to say it's eithical what they did. MARK MY WORDS -- I WILL NEVER USE THERE SERVICES AGAIN--N-E-V-E-R!

Copper Contributor SoUpset
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Hello all: 


Excuse they typos from my other message, but I am soooo upset. Ironically, during the beginning of our BLACK FRIDAY issue, they were asking workers to take a severance package, and you know what that means...


So, we have to pay for them basically losing business. That is what it comes down to. Us paying for their schemes and sketchy IT practices.


Read this:  https://www.sdxcentral.com/articles/news/verizon-entices-10400-workers-to-take-severance-package/201...

Verizon Entices 10,400 Workers to Take Severance Package


So if you were caught in #verizonbaitandswitch and believe you were treated fraudulently, here are options:

1. Binding arbitration: verizon.com/support/reside


2. Better business Bureau: odrcomplaint.bbb.org/odrweb/public/


3. Your State Attorney General for a fraud complaint




*** STILL FIGHT *** #VerizonBaitandSwitch 

Copper Contributor jared1
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Verizon I need a manager to contact me.  After being told twice this would be resolved the last contact says it cannot be resolved because the promotion is expired.  This is unacceptable.  I will be filing a complaint after the holidays.

Copper Contributor Subielover
Copper Contributor
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I don't think they have any plans to make this right, despite assuring us it would be resolved. I last talked to them on the 15th and was told someone would contact me after trying to put me back to my previous price. They said it would take at least 3 days and they'd contact me again on here. Still nothing. It seems like they're giving each of us a different excuse as to why they can't honor the promo. My bill went from 145 to 221 and they're acting like they can't do anything to fix it.

Copper Contributor Bubbs
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Well folks, 

After a long and arduous fight with Verizon I am still no better off.  All I got was a one time credit of $80 to cover what I lost early due to the bait and switch.  Hardly enough to cover the differance of the plan I ACTUALLY signed up for.  That came from a member of the executive relations team that didn't seem to have much power over accounts or promos.  That in itself is sad.  Their executive team is just as powerless as every one else we speak with.  Looks I will also be submitting a complaint to the BBB.  It's really a shame as the products and services could be great but unfortuantely the support and development behind them are really lacking.  The funny part about all of this is we all did this to EXTEND our time with Verizon guarenteeing more revenue for them but ultimately they screwed up.  

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