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Broken Promises

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Good morning.  This is the first time I have written a complaint letter so please bear with me.

My initial call to Verizon started in early March.  We were being overcharged for the channels we have, and apparently our setup was not packaged correctly.  We had to keep calling back to customer service to fix the issue.  This continued for a month, called about 5 times at this point because they kept sending us letters that they were unable to do our service.  In March the $300 visa gift card was offered to us when we were trying to get things corrected and I agreed to the terms and I asked the agent to note in their contact management… every agent I have dealt with has read those notes back to me. 

On April 12th we were getting very weary about customer services because they could not follow through with their promises.  I was able to get a very good agent that finally packaged all of our channels and internet correctly and got us discounts for the issues we had for the whole entire month of March.  At the same time, a $500 gift card was offered to us at that time so I accepted and had the agent put it in the notes and read it back to me.  At that point and time everything was fine, the channels were great and we were looking forward to the visa card to come in 90 days afterwards.

I received the card recently on July 5.  The amount showed $109 which is no-where near $500 dollars that had been promised.  I called customer service and a young gentleman reread the notes and verified that we were to get the $500 card and advised us to call the promotions branch for Verizon (phone number 8668180295).  The call took place around 830pm EST so the office was closed.  Talked to the promotions branch 12:00PM EST on July 6th where the lady said she will put in the paperwork for our $500 card and said it would take a couple of weeks and I requested to speak to a supervisor.   She said the supervisor will call me back the next day on July 7th.  The supervisor did not call as promised so I called promotions again and they said they could not do anything and there was nothing in the notes about a $500 prepaid card. 

They transferred me back over to customer service to have them honor their promise.  I ended up speaking to a young lady claiming that there were no notes in the system concerning a $500 visa card.   At this point I was becoming very upset because she kept repeating everything she was saying so I requested to speak to a Supervisor.  I said if you guys are not going to deliver on your promises what is the point of staying with their services.  She then transferred me over to "RETENTION" where the lady inquired on how and when I should cancel our service.  I did not want to cancel the service I told her, I just wanted Verizon to make good on what they had promised me and I had accepted in good faith. 

At this point I've already been on the phone for an hour and a half.  The put me on hold for another half hour and finally put me on the phone with a supervisor.  The supervisor Tim  (Operating number: Z581834) kept explaining that there were no notes promising a $500 dollar even though it was pointed out on Thursday, July 5th.  Told Tim I was writing a letter of complaint and he said "I advise you not to do that" and that "it’s because there are no notes on the matter".  He kept repeating himself every time I tried presenting my case, at this point and time he says there is nothing he can do and THEN he said he encourages to write the letter and gave me his name and operating number.

I am disappointed that Verizon has failed to honor their commitment to me and it is obvious to me that someone has removed the references to the $500 card.  I didn’t ask for this card… it was offered by your representative… I know it was in the system since they have read it back to me on at least 3 separate occasions.

I request that you please help correct this issue… I view it as a broken trust and someone in your organization has an integrity issue.

Verizon management and the Better Business Bureau will also receive a copy of this letter.

Thank you for your time and attention,

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