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Can ANYONE help me get a NEW DVR???

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Can ANYONE help me get a NEW DVR???

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And, I don't mean a refurb replacement, I already received two of those in the mail and they are both completely scratched up and filthy.  I don't want a dirty DVR that came from someone's house that had it's own problems to begin with, I want the new one that has been promised to me repeatedly and not received.  Someone please help, I have been going back and forth for 9 MONTHS trying to get this issue resolved.  I sent the below e-mail to Verizon and have yet to hear anything except a confirmation e-mail that they would contact within 1 business day, which was today and surprise, no one contacted me.  I just need a YES or a NO so I can proceed, either by having my problem fixed or by terminating service. --



I have been dealing with an ongoing issue since June. I am sure you have the information noted in my account, but the short version is that I have been having issues with my DVR (sound cutting out, DVR freezing, not recording, recorded shows will pause and then just stop and disappear or start over, etc.). Regarding the sound issue, which has been happening the longest, Verizon convinced me that the issue was my TV so I had my new TV replaced and am still having the same issues. I was FINALLY (after 9 months of back and forth and having to "reset" all of the time with tech. support) able to get a representative to state that would send me a brand new DVR free of charge. I thought it was kind of odd that she said free if charge, considering the fact that my current equipment is faulty (not my issue), and with the hassle that I have been going through, but I said thank you and waited to receive the new DVR. When it came in the mail, it was very obvious that this was someone’s old DVR as it was scratched up and very dirty, layers of dust in the unit, etc. Aside from the fact that this was not what was promised to me, that is just not sanitary. I don't want someone else's problem that they sent back, nor do I want a dirty, dust filled DVR in my home that came from who knows where? We called again on Saturday (3/10) and after being transferred all over the place, spoke with Pete, who was very helpful (the first person that I can actually say that about since June). We were going to cancel our service, since I have not experienced one person that offered good customer service since then, but Pete was very helpful and apologetic regarding all of the inconveniences we have had. He offered to submit to send us an actual "new" and upgraded DVR (not another used one) and he understood why I did not want to send my DVR back for another one that at one point was sent back by someone else, and said again that we would receive it in a few days. I was very pleased with the help that he offered so we decided not to cancel. Today, we received another used DVR in the mail. We called again and this time the rep. we spoke with stated that we could get a new DVR, but it is not something he can do and we have to do it online. He stated that there is a $40 fee, but due to the circumstances he would credit our account the $40 and we would get our new DVR. I followed his instructions and the website prompted me to enter my name and e-mail. When I did, it told me that it would send me an e-mail with instructions on how to upgrade. He waited on the phone with me and when no e-mail came through stated he would call us back in an hour and if we still hadn't received the e-mail, we would see what else we could do. I never received a call back, and still (4 hours later) have not received an e-mail. I have 3 DVR's in my home right now that need to go back, and I still don't have a new one that works. All I want is for this to be resolved by the end of the week, or I would like someone to contact me regarding what I need to do to cancel my service. I am paying each month for service that I am not able to take full advantage of and this needs to be addressed. I either need working equipment (like the DVR that new customers receive AND get free for life) or need to schedule to cancel this service. At this point, I don't care how we handle it, but I just want it resolved (9 months of this has been long enough). I work for a large web-based company with a call center (and I have worked in the call center myself) and I find it hard to believe that not one person there is able to put in an order for an upgraded/new DVR and send it to me...I am starting to wonder if these representatives are just telling me what I want to hear to get me off the phone without actually being able to resolve this issue. Verizon is not the only provider in my area and I could easily take advantage of the new customer promotions from another company, I just keep hoping that after all of this Verizon will just take care of this issue and make it right. Please respond and let me know how we can proceed. Please escalate this to wherever you need, in order to move this along.

Thank you,



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Re: Can ANYONE help me get a NEW DVR???

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  Call your local Verizon (not wireless) store and they should be able to help you.


  Good luck!

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Re: Can ANYONE help me get a NEW DVR???

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Yeah, I hear you! NO ONE IN VERIZON KNOWS HOW TO UPGRADE TO A NEW DVR. They tell me the only way is to order it from online. However, when I go online, it does not take my password ( the same password I used to login to my verizon account). Therefore, I could not order it online. I tell this to verizon support and they tell me that is the ONLY WAY! The only way does not work so there is NO WAY! No one cares and no one wants to help! better find other options.

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