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Can't access my account online

Can't access my account online

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I was a Verizon customer with DSL and phone service but I switched fo almost a year to cable.  When FIOS became available, I signed up for the phone/tv/internet package.  I was given the user id "gcmcsulla" and I logged into my account online.  On the second attempt to go to my online account, I started getting the message "user ID gcmcsulla" is not available". 


I notified customer service via email and was told to wait one or two billing cycles for the problem to be resolved.  It is now gone into the third cycle and no resolution is forthcoming.  I spoke to a CSR on the phone and it seems that because I was a previous Verizon customer, my old info and my new info were conflicting somehow.  It  had to do with Verizon's merging of their data.


I find it ludicrous that Verizon, a technology company, can't resolve this problem.  All I want is to be able to get to my account online so I can manage my tv programming.   Like being able to cancel the 'free' premium programs when the trial period is up.



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The same as my problem, only mine had to do with moving from one location to another.


If you sign up for new service and give them the same user id, it will conflict with the old service.


Like you, I was told three billing cycles ago that it would be resolved in "one to two billing cycles."  I've done the chat, email, telephone, forums, everything.  Nothing ever gets fixed.


It's impossible to unregister your new account from that user id, and it's impossible to register it with a new user id (since it's already registered to something.)


It sounds like your situation is as hopeless as mine.

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