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Can't pay online

Contributor kmarkam
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Registered: ‎01-12-2013
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I don't know what you did to your lousy website, but I can't even open the "Make a payment" page - it just shows a blank screen and I don't have all day for all your graphics to load, or whatever's going on.


Can't you just have a separate site for those who just want to pay our bills, withOUT having to look at that ugly POS Obama first, who just made paying my bills harder.


In any case, I can't pay, you lose.

Platinum Contributor I
Platinum Contributor I
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You might have to clear your browser cache.  They updated the site, it works for most people, but the ones that are having problems have a bad cookie in there somewhere. 


So do this.

From the Internet Explorer Main Menu, select Tools, Delete Browser History…

Check Temporary Internet Files and Cookies.  Uncheck Preserve Favorites website data

Click the Delete button to delete the files.

Internet Explorer delete browsing history menu


Once the files have been deleted, you will receive a message confirming the deletion.

Contributor ICURPNT2
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I had the unfortunate experience of attempting to get Billing information to understand why my 83-yr old Mother's phone service was suspended without notice. That's the beginning of waiting for Customer Service to help. No, the issue was never resolved, because the person trying to assist was as poorly trained as the Web Site that couldn't accept my payment. The account number was wrong on the Site, and therefore was not accepted by on-line or phone.


I was on the phone for more than 55mins either waiting or explaining to no avail. Speaking to Customer Service was like trying to relate to my son's salamander. (they lift their heads and sneak away). I asked for a Supervisor, waited 10 mins and was transferred to Repair.


My Mother has no phone for tonight and Sunday. God forbid something happens to her while this phone is out.

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