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Cannot Access Upgrade Center - My service is about to expire!

Cannot Access Upgrade Center - My service is about to expire!

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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If you want to try the E-Center, the number is 888 669-9901.  They helped me a few months ago when I couldn't pay my bill on line.  I saved the number, because I went through a lot to obtain it.

Copper Contributor MrTantrum
Copper Contributor
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Unfortunately, the E-Center could not help me with this issue, but thanks for contact info.

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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That's a shame, because I was told specifically that the E-Center's job was to assist us in placing orders online.  I can't blame customer service for being told the wrong information.

Contributor ckollars
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I've found that  Verizon website access is very sensitive to malware/popup/advertisement blockers, and will just hang with no message as you describe if conditions aren't quite as they expect. The chances of Verizon "fixing" this are zero (the "trouble ticket" is a "feel-good"  ...but don't hold your breath). My saga started several years ago when I first noticed the Verizon site hanging every time I tried to use it, and I finally determined it didn't allow the use of "WebWasher". Turn off your ad blockers etc., do what you need to do with Verizon, then right away turn them back on. (I'm a retired computer networking programmer so I had a fighting chance; most people -including the Verizon service programmers- don't.)

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