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Cannot order or change anything through my online account. Why?

Cannot order or change anything through my online account. Why?

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Location: New Jersey
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So here's the deal. I can log into my account. Can view my bill, see my DVR & STB, see my call log, etc. All fine. However, every single time I try to initiate a change it fails. Whether it be programming, trying to visit the "Upgrade Center," wanting to see if I can order another DVR, add or subtract a premium channel - whatever. It runs me through the usual "checking your account" message, "give us permission to access your account," dialogue and ALWAYS without fail, leads to a "Sorry, we cannot proceed at this time, check back later or call your local office." This has been happening for months and Verizon tech support has done nothing but keep sending me format e-mails and calls saying they're working on it, it's been escalated, etc, etc. I've written, called and we're still at square one. It happens on every computer in my house. I've cleared cache, cookies, history - you name it - on all machines. I've asked if we can just rebuild my account from scratch and they never seem to accept that. It's maddening. So does anybody here have a clue? I'm pretty tech savy. I can drill down into most things for a solution, but this is driving me batty. Thanks for any assistance.
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Sorry you are having difficulty, an agent with access to your account will reach out to you directly by email, private message in the Forums and/or the billing telephone number on your Verizon account for more information to help you resolve your issue.

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In the meantime, if you haven't tried this yet it might help: If you're using something other than IE, try signing in with IE instead.

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Location: New Jersey
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Nothing but Mac's in my house Ann - and I don't have Bootcamp set up - so no can do. Thanks though. (I've tried Chrome, Safari & Firefox btw with no luck.)
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I think I may have figured out why...the problem is how do they fix it!!??  I just started using Verizon FIOS this April, and hadnt really used any of the online stuff until today...what I found out through trial and error is for some reason:

1. type directly in the address bar

2. shoud go to the correct, and generic Verizon website, that asks you to select business or residential

3. now here is where the issues start...once you select residential you are taken to a page that looks like any other, and in the top right you see a SIGN IN TO MY VERIZON red should be directed to a MY VERIZON 3.0 page...verify this in the address bar and page heading in the top IE blue bar at very top of page

4.  Sign in using the log in box on the right

5.  You should be directed to your account, in the MY VERIZON 3.0 format...however, I am being directed to MY VERIZON 2.0 some of the time instead....and for the average person, they would never know the difference....or even that the verizon changed.

6. IF you were not directed to 2.0 yet, select Billing and then try to view your most recent pay attention, and by the time you are actually able to select a bill you will be using 2.0 instead of the MY VERIZON 3.0 you signed into...


THE PROBLEM IS WHY???  I have called tech support, online billing, website tech support...and no one can even give me a half way decent excuse or made up answer...they just flat out dont know...the problem is the two do not communicate properly, and what you do in one, isnt being updated, or wont even be plans are different everytime I log in, prices change, I am being told I have a 6 month, 24 month, 1 month contract....


I know that isnt the answer...or help...but it should give you a place to start and if you are having this issue....then I dont think they..VERIZON has any idea of when it will be fixed...if at all

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Amazing tales. 


I can't tell you how many times I've written out long stories like this about signing in, paying bills, etc. and then decided not to post them because I sound like a madwoman. For one thing, as far as Verizon is concerned, I do have multiple personalities.


When it comes to the Verizon website, I feel like everything I do is a workaround.  And what amazes me is that after a few short months I've actually accepted this as normal life...

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Same issue for me, tried IE, clearing cache, can see my account, bill, etc, but cannot order any new serivces.  Please contact me too.

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Hello ilovefourpoints

We'll have someone reach out to you as well.

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