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Charges for Flex View On Demand movies I did not rent or purchase

Charges for Flex View On Demand movies I did not rent or purchase

Contributor kste1974
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Registered: ‎05-09-2013
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So here I sit, doing a simple Google search for my issue (same issue as everyone else on here), only to find this problem readily documented.  We just had our second movie 'ordered' without our knowledge.  The first time we called, we were told they'd take care of it but that next time we'd have to be charged because there's no way that the movie could have been ordered from our account without us doing it.


I'm about to call them to see how they handle this case.  Anything other than a deletion of the charge on my account will force me to consider Verizon scammers.  I already have evidence that Verizon's system adds data usage onto my cellular device, causing me to have to upgrade my plan just to keep me from having to call them every month.  They blame it on the device.  


 I've been with Verizon for just over a year now and regret my change over from AT&T and Direct TV.  Unfortunately, where I live I really have no choice but to go with Verizon.


Pretty pathetic.

Contributor kste1974
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎05-09-2013
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So to follow up, customer service credited my account for a VOD purchase we did not make, but only after I elevated the issue to the floor manager.  The entire phone call took 40 minutes.  


I can understand Verizon being suspicious and giving their customer such a hard time if the customer actually watches the movie.  However, they are capable of using their system to determine how long the movie might have been playing.  


In my case, the movie was 'ordered' (i.e. we got an email stating 'thank you for your purchase') and we called customer service within an hour to have them stop the charges.  The movie played for 2 seconds...the time it took me to physically go through the steps it would have taken to actually order the movie, get to the play screen only to find it saying, "resume play," so I naturally clicked on resume play to see how far someone might have watched it, only to find that play was at the Paramount intro scene (once again 2-3 seconds).  I'd done this to see how my 1 1/2 year old might have 'accidentally' ordered a movie. 


so yes, we have turned on parental control just in case, so that if/when this happens again, you will have further evidence that this is not a customer mistake.


So, 40 minutes of my life wasted for a $6.00 credit.  However, my call to them and this post were obviously based on principal.





Contributor Molly060680
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I just got off the phone with Verizon. I called to say that I have a charge for a movie that I never ordered. I do not order movies. You can see that by my bill history and it was in the middle of the night when I was sleeping on a work night. I love alone and have only one dave box. I do not even know what the movie was, never heard of it. I want this resolved. Until now, I have been a happy customer but today I was simply told, you ordered it. I have also emailed verizon. Please resolve
Contributor twickrama
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Registered: ‎12-27-2014
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I am having the EXACT same problem. They are claiming that either my 8 year old daughter is a serial adult movie renter during the middle of the night while I am sleeping or that someone must be breaking into my house once or twice a month to rent these movies in the middle of the night and within minutes of each other. This all started in July of this year, and I finally had to cancel my On demand service. (which for the record they were making at least $1000 each year on for my actual rental requirements.) I have switched to Netflix so I can aviod the hassle. I was on the phone for 2 hours last night, and multiple hours on other occasions.  They also need to work on thier customer service since the employees are giving  miss information. At this point I will definatately not recommend this service to anyone. I've been a client for 7 years in my current home and another 6 years else where, and never in my history has their been adult movie rentals, yet they refuse to believe that this could be a problem with there internal systems.

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