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Charging for paying online and more costs.

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Charging for paying online and more costs.

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It seems this is the way everyone is going.  Making us pay for online payments will begin costing us an extra $3.50 per month.  Of course use AutoPay, which I don't use, and the fee is waived.  Guess we will go back to paying by check which cost less than $0.50 a month and will cost Verizon time and effort to proces the payment.  Makes no sense to encourage paying online and then charging us to use the service.


On the subject of more charges, recently they started charging $10 more a month for less programming, meaning they took some HD channels away.  The only way to get them back plus so many more channels and faster internet is to pay even more.  The a la cart is gone and I miss this.  Verizon is offering more and more and charging more and more.  I would be happy with my current slow 20/5 internet (LOL) and nothing but HD channels and no home phone.  Hundreds of channels I don't watch unless its HD and even some HD that is worthless.


The economy keeps telling me its costing more for everything, but part of that is eliminating choice.  When we first got FIOS I loved it, now the cost makes me love it less.  I keep thinking there will be enough loss by Verizon that they will throw out the better deals again to keep subscribers.


Sorry VZ you just are not making me happy anymore.

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Re: Charging for paying online and more costs.

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Sorry to hear you're frustrated.


If you'd like to speak to a Verizon representative please try to send an email or chat from our Contact Us Page You can choose the email or Live Chat option.

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Re: Charging for paying online and more costs.

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I think this one needs some serious clarification -- at least on the payment part.


If I read the notice which has started showing up on the "payment" screen closely, is says "credit/debit/ATM card" transactions will be assessed the $3.50 fee.  Does this mean that those payments scheduled to draft against a checking account as an ACH transaction (not auto-pay) will NOT be assessed the fee?    That's kind of how I'm reading it.


If so, then I'm not really upset about that.   Credit cards have an associated transaction fee associated with them (plus the risks of chargebacks, etc.) which can be as much as 3% of the overall cost of the transaction.  Assessing a "fee" for this convenience is not totally unreasonable.   If however, the fee extends to adhoc payments made against a registered checking account (also known as an ACH transaction), then I am seriously upset and Verizon clearly is making a boneheaded move here.


With respect to Autopay -- I am a big fan.  I use such services for most all of my recurring bills.  Verizon's autopay however is probably the most unreliable product that I've ever dealt with.  Had it setup ... took 4 months before it started working ... worked for about 6 months ... and then for some unexplained reason, Verizon didn't take a payment ... then they sent me a non-payment notice ... so I went in and made a manual payment ... and then 5 days later they finally took the auto payment ... then then we skip a month (because we now were double-payed) and then the next month it didn't work again ... lather, rinse, repeat.  


So, it is my advice to the Verizon's folks who lurk hereabouts that you all make sure you've got this autopay thing ironed out and working if you'd like people to use it.     Oh ... and if someone can clearly articulate here, or perhaps better still, on the payment site if the ACH one-off transactions are subject to the "inconvenience fee", that would be good as well.




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Re: Charging for paying online and more costs.

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Smart move VZN, I'm a small business and I handle credit/debit cards at my brick and mortar store and on line.  My expenses are much higher then VZN for process yet I have no need or desire to antagonize my customer base with predatory charges.

Is ok though as my bank will send (at no charge to me) a hard copy check to VZN.  Which means VZN will have additional delay (and no float) on my payments AND they will have to pay a live body to process the payment.

Curious since VZN is so into retro technology when should we expect to see punch cards in our bills?

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