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Collection Account - No notification or delete is normal?

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Collection Account - No notification or delete is normal?

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Last year I had mulitple verizon accounts, I had 3 fios accounts and two wireless plans. This was all while I was living in Florida. My last open Fios account was closed when I moved to indiana and Fios was no longer available. I maintained the same phone number, had my mail forwarded, and keep my same verizon cell phone (only phone). This all happened in March. In late July I got a collection notice for roughly $20. I called into the collection agency who was collectioning on behalf of Verizon and they could not pull up the account number on the letter that was sent. I dailed *611 on my cell phone and let them know about the collection letter(my cell phone is automatic pay for ~$140/month). They searched the account and found nothing that was past due, he sent me over to another representative who said that on all of my Fios accounts he could not find anything that was over due. He told me he would note the account but since the collection agency couldn't pull up any information maybe it was sent in error.


Roughly 60 days later I got another letter. This letter had the same information but now the charge was $103. I tried logging into their website with the informaition given but it would say invalid account number (tried switching it every possible way). I called in and was told they were no longer servicing verizon.


I called back to Verizon and was told that none of my accounts showed a past due balance and that there must be an issue with the collection account. They checked all of the accounts, again and nothing was shown.


Today I got a notification from a credit monitoring service that a collection report was showing. I called verizon this morning and the agent was not able to find any debt, again. The phone was dissconnecting while she was doing a soft pull to try to find it through transunion.  I called back in and an agent was able to find the amount owed and transfered me to the collection company. I paid them, not knowing what it was for but just to make it go away. I just called back in for details on what I paid for and talking about deleting it from my account. The girl on the phone was unbelievable rude the entire time and was convinced that since I moved they didn't have to try to call me and she was not able to tell me what the charges were for. All she could do was mail me an invoice. I asked her to look at the other acounts when I called in asking if I owed them money and she said, "they don't matter, this account shows past due" She absolutely refused to look at the other accounts.


I paid the collection company but she is refusing to erase this collection report and they never called, I tried to find the debt and I would happily have paid for it. What are my options? I can say comfortably if this does not get fixed and deleted I am going to cancel over $500 a month in Verizon personal services and the company I  own that pays verizon close to $1,000 a month. This is absoluetly insane and her attitude to not even look at the other accounts and just tell me it was over 90 days is ridicoulous.


I will update this hopefully with some resolution.

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Re: Collection Account - No notification or delete is normal?

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Since we haven't heard back from you or have received a form submission as requested in your private support case, it appears assistance is no longer required. If you need any future help with your Verizon service, please make a post here on the forums so we can assist.


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