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Complaint about customer service supervisor

Complaint about customer service supervisor

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Complaint about customer service supervisor

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I just spent 5 hours on the phone trying to lower my plan to something that costs less. My boyfriend and I are currently paying roughly $210 a month for verizon home phone/internet/cable bundle. We have been trying for about 5 months now, calling in when we get a chance, going on the app and speaking to a rep there and everyone we talk to says there is an "error on their end" and they can't change anything on my plan. I find it funny that I could easily change my plan to a higher cost a month but when I try to lower it, it seems impossible. I called 2 weeks ago and they told me there was a ticket put in for the error and i would get a call back in 2 days with the issue resolved. It has been 2 WEEKS and still no phone call. therefore, tonight I called and I asked for a supervisor right away. I was told i would get a call back in 15 minutes. YET AGAIN, I never recieved a call. I had to call back in and ask for one again. After 2 hours, I finally got one on the phone to speak to me. Her name was CHRISTINE. She was ABSOLUTELY RUDE. She told my boyfriend and I that this was OUR fault because we were slightly behind on paying our bill. THIS IS THE ENTIRE REASON WHY WE WANTED TO CHANGE TO A LOWER PLAN. She asked me for my phone number to call back when "the issue is resolved" and I told her that I want it resolved now instead of a call back. She then said, "okay so I'm putting a notation in that you declined a call back" she said this extremely sarcastic and i kept trying to tell her I never declined a call back and she raised her voice and when I told her she needed to lower her voice she proceeded to put me on hold for a half an hour. At this point I was visibly and emotionally upset and shaken about her attitude. I handed the phone to my boyfriend in hopes that he could get answers since she loved to throw me on hold anytime I got a little authority in my voice. When she FINALLY got back on the phone, she told my boyfriend that she was going to erase all the notes they had put previously about this issue and simply just notate that "We called in." I was completely blown away. I work in customer service for a living and if I ever spoke to customers the way she continuously spoke to my boyfriend and I, I would be fired. Her comments and her attitude are completely and utterly uncalled for and she should work somewhere other than customer service. I have been with verizon for a very long time and the fact that we can't get this issue resolved is pushing me to terminate my service when my contract is up in July of this year. I really don't want to because I truly enjoy having verizon but the way your customer service reps are and no one can solve our issue is pushing us further away. It shouldnt take 5 months to figure out why i cant lower my plan. I am 100% a completely UNSATISFIED customer. 

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Re: Complaint about customer service supervisor

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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.
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