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Customer Service Dissapointment Fios Triple Play

Customer Service Dissapointment Fios Triple Play

Contributor Leonco
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I recently tried to order the triple play.  I ran into trouble on the internet and the special promotions.  I got an error message.  I proceded to call verizon 800 number and spoke with a rep. Finished the order and got a price for what I was ordering.  Mid $60ties per month not including equipment and taxes.  I was told I would get additional discounts after I got the service installed. I was to call then. I called in for a plan clarification and questions and was told the rep had changed and that I had been informed wrong. I had to change the plan to a higher cost plan, now in the mid $70ties with a 2 year commitment.  Bear in mind that I started the process on the internet and expected the discounts there, which are substantially lower than on the phone.


I called today to ask about the extra discounts and the final cost of the package I was getting.   I was told that the cost of the plan before equipment and taxes was now $139, and that I could not get the internet discounts because I was talking to them on the phone.  I finally got through to the rep and he was able to get the plan down to $115 before equip and taxes.  (not anywhere close to the mid $70 i was assured when I agreed to the order.)


I misteriously got disconected when the rep told me he could do nothing more for me. AND, he didnt' bother to call me back. 


He actually told me the only way to fix this was to cancel the service and then go to the internet and order online. UNBELIEAVABLE! 


I tried to contact Verizon Customer service by email and it doesn't work.  I hesitate to call again to the 800 number since each time I get a different answer. 


Where do I call to fix this and to get the right package and cost set on my account.


What I want is really simple.

-Fios TV Prime HD package

-Internet 15/5

-Phone service unlimited

-Free DVR/STBox free for one year

-2 STBoxes for $10 a month each.

-Free HBO for 3 months


According to the internet it should be around 70 dollars a month give or take with waived activation fees and extra discounts. 





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Moderator Emeritus
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Sorry you are having difficulty, an agent with access to your account will reach out to you directly by email, private message in the Forums and/or the billing telephone number on your Verizon account for more information or help you resolve your issue.

Contributor cntstndvrzn
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Similar story. So frustrating. Verizon has to be the worst customer service. Unfortunately, I don't think it really matters to them. They are very good at getting their hands in your pockets and not letting go. Shame on them!

Contributor DomiAm
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Haha! That is so true, Verizon is like the Skankiest People, they want to get into your goodies bag, full of money. Once they get in they start leeching more out of you. Yet their products are great a majority of the time.

Contributor Uptight
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I didn't have trouble signing up for the Triple play online or over the phone.  I had trouble keeping it at the time of installation.  The installer was on the phone several times with admin people because his orders said double play but my copy said triple play.  Anyway, he got all the hardware hooked up and working, etc.  I got the right bills with credits, etc.

But today I was checking up on the V V prepaid debit card I was supposed to receive after 90 days.  After being transferred 3 times, finally reaching the Promotions Dept., I was told that my contract had been changed too many times and that it would have to be researched before any debit card was issued.

So, if the contract has been changed by Verizon, aren't they supposed to contact me with the revisions for my final approval for any adjustments?  Or is this just a canned response given by, in this case, a not very courteous rep?

I have the original contract and copy of the online promotion package I subscribed to.  If Verizon changed it, is this cause for me to change my service?  I don't need the phone upgrade.  I still have an antenna on the roof.  And Comcast is in the block.

Regarding the Customer Service issue,  is this an issue which should be taken up with the Public Service Commission of each state?

I should have known it was going to be a frustrating encounter when I found out that Verizon Fios has one, and only one, access number for all residential Customer Service issues.  I tried to use myverizon to find the link to my debit card issue, but to no avail.

I'm not a cronic complainer.  But Verizon's Customer Service system is not 21st century.


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I'm sorry you are having difficulty. An agent with access to your account will reach out to you directly by email, private message in the Forums and/or the billing telephone number on your Verizon account for more information or to help you resolve your issue.

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