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Customer Service - How to get a hold of someone in management?

Customer Service - How to get a hold of someone in management?

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This is the only place that I've found where I see it may be address by Verizon but I am currently very frustrated with the customer service.


There was a billing error where Verizon charged me incorrectly for unreturned equipment. I chated with someone online as soon as I got the bill and they had informed me that they did receive the equipment and that it was not processed in time but that they would credit me the amount. I thought Great. done. WRONG.


A week later I called them to make sure this was credited and how much I should actually pay. The lady told me I was not credited and had to go search for the information again and said that now  I was credited. I paid the amount she told me to pay and thought I was good to go. WRONG.


Last week I receive phone calls telling me my account is overdue and I need to pay the remainding balance. I then recieve an email today stating that if i don't pay the remainding balance my services will be shut off. So I call verizon AGAIN. I've been on the phone with them for the past 3 hours, have spoken to 5 different departments and while they all confirmed the equipment had been received, each time I was transfered, they couldn't see where it had been received in and would ask me the SAME questions over and over again. Each one assured me that it had been resolved but it hasn't. I finally hung up in frustration. Since each one told me it was resolved I went online and chatted to online customer support and they informed me that the balance was still incorrect and there were no notes in the system and that  I needed to call back the verizon number. 


I called the number only to be transferred again. 


VERIZON - You have been my favorite cable company to work with until now. This experience has made me waste my time, lost trust in your ability to actually service the customer, and question if I really want to stay with you. On top of that, there is no channel of communication to provide you with this feedback or to talk to upper management. I would like for someone to contact me to ensure my voice is heard and issues have been addressed. 


Anyone else know how to get their attention? 

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Hi Daminiella,

Sorry you are having difficulty. An agent with access to your account will reach out to you directly by email, private message in the Forums and/or the billing telephone number on your Verizon account for more information or to help you resolve your issue.

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been waiting two months for the manager to call me back. i upgraded in february and specifically asked if LOGOTV was included and i was told YES. then you dropped LOGOTV and the Weather channel. well if i leave you early i get penalized so i am no longer asking i am demanding a credit for the two lost channels. the verizon wireless facebook page no longer alllows me to post or reply to posts so you now have 2 business days to issue me a credit. i will pursue this further as it is not right. the channel guide is too small, two lost channels that were part of my package when i signed up in febraury and my rate went up even after being told what it would be with the upgrade. equipment charges are part of package if my package is two years so is equipment. you owe me money

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Here are a few points to help you in your quest:


  • You're primarily talking to customers on these forums.  If you want to send a message to Verizon, you need to call, chat or mail them.  Sometimes the Verizon moderators escalate very specific issues to the support team.  If you don't want to wait to see if that happens, you should call them.
  • Our contracts with Verizon do not guarantee specific channels.  Channels are added and dropped for a variety of reasons including channels that just plan go out of business.  Verizon will not make any adjustments to our bills or contracts as a result of channel changes.
  • Verizon never includes equipment rental charges in the contracted rates.  It is always extra and not subject to the contract.
  • It's generally considered bad form to start a new discussion on an old thread.  In the future, consider starting a new thread for any issues you have.

Good Luck.


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