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Customer Service Issue

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Customer Service Issue

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I am not sure whom to send this email so I am hoping by posting on the forum it finds its way.  I am not one to complain but my blood was boiling yesterday. 


I spent over an hour on the phone with Verizon support yesterday.  I spoke to four different associates before I received a satisfactory answer.  This is not the first time I have had problems with verizon support and I can't even say it was the worst but it was one of the most frustrating calls I have made. 


The problem started three days ago.  I have had Verizon FiOS TV for over two years.  I have two HD DVR boxes, one HD Box and on SD Box - they are all Cisco.  I have always been able to see my two DVR's from all four of the TV's and watch shows recorded on either one.  Three days ago I went to watch one of my shows on the Basement HD DVR Box but could not see the Bedroom DVR Box.  Not a big  deal, figured I would call Verizon and they would fix it and that would be that. 


I called verizon and and first spoke with Technical support.  They informed me that I did not have multi-room DVR setup on the account and would have to transfer me to sales.  I had the service for two years, always worked but I figured somehow it got turned off.  I was transfered to Sales.  The sales associate proceeded to tell me that what I was asking for did not exist.  That Verizon's cable boxes did not work this way.  He said for $2/month more he could turn on multi-room DVR but I would only see one box on the two regular boxes but that they did not offer a way for me to see both boxes.  I requested to speak to his supervisor but was told there was no one else to speak with except tech support.  He told me he had worked at Verizon for 5 years and never had one call where someone wanted this service and that I must be wrong.  He said he had heard it all - that people with SD Boxes sometimes called thinking they were seeing HD on their TV's so I must just be someone who didn't fully understand how my boxes worked.   I must have gone back and forth for 20 minutes before I finally gave in and told him to turn on the multi-room DVR functionality hoping that both boxes would start to work again.  I then had him transfer me to tech support.  The new tech support person also informed me that the functionality I was asking for did not exist and I must have imagined it.  This went on for another 10 minutes before I asked for his supervisor.  Sometime shortly after that and while being transfered the service kicked in and I could again see both boxes on all of my TV's. The surpervisor that got on the phone apologized for the confusion but never gave me a good reason why Verizon sales and support staff could have no idea how their systems work and worse how they could pretty much accuse a customer of lying or imagining. 


None of this would have been a big deal if Verizon support/sales were properly trained on how their own systems work.  I know technolgy is always going to have issues but to be tossed around and treated this way as a comsumer is unacceptable.  Between conversations, hold times and transfers I wasted over an hour arguing with people that knew less about the service than I did.



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Re: Customer Service Issue

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I am sorry to hear about the frustration you had trying to get this working again. It sounds from the description of your post that the feature was turned on without it being on your account. Basically getting the service without being charged. This happens when a box does not get activated correctly for a certain account and holds onto the handle codes from a previous account (someone who may have had the multiroom service). If you ever need assistance in the future, please dont hesitate to post on the boards here.


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