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Early Termination Fees

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Early Termination Fees

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My husband and I are moving to a location which does not offer FIOS internet.  Our current contract is not up until early 2012.  When we signed up, we asked muliple people if we moved to an area that did not offer FIOS, if we would be charged the ETF.  We were told by each person that we would not be.  We were both hoping we would be moving within the year, which is why we  made sure before we had them come out and install the service.  Had we been told the truth - we would have stuck with Cox (much as we hated the service reliability).


Having been in the military for years, I have never come across a company that charged fees for termination when you were moving to an area that the same service was not available (to include cell phone services).  Granted, this is the first time I have dealt with Verizon, but given their prominence in the industry, I cannot understand why they would be any different. 


The location to which we are moving does offer DSL and Direct TV., but their DSL speeds are not much better than getting dialup.  This just would not work for us, as I do photography, so need higher speeds, and he works frequently from home using programs that connect to the internet.  I also do not want the hassle of getting HOA approval for a dish on our home for the Direct TV, especially not knowing how long they take to approve these things yet.


Prior to having this issue come up, I had already asked to be notified when FIOS became available in our new area, because we have been very happy with it.  After this though, I am unsure if we will switch when it does become available, given the current situation.


I have sent two emails via their website - and have gotten no e-mail confirmations for them, nor have I heard anything from anyone.  Does anyone have any better way to contact someone who may actually be able to assist us in this matter?

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Re: Early Termination Fees

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Do you have a local Verizon store (not wireless) ?


I've found the local store has a way to expedite services and resolve any issues being disputed. Good luck!

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Re: Early Termination Fees

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Use the contact us link and call the 888-number and follow the prompts to get connected to the billing department (not tech support).   I can't speak for what you were told ... but I rarely hear of anyone getting out of an ETF because they are "moving" particularly if there is some kind of service available from the same provider at the new location but you don't want it (it's the same as deciding you want to go to a competitor).    At the end of the day, regardless of what someone may have said, what's in writing in the terms of service you received when you started the service (and which you could have cancelled in the first 30-days if you didn't like them) is what counts.


Most providers now have "no ETF" plans available for exactly these kinds of reasons -- but they come with a higher monthly cost.   Maybe you could try to make a deal to retroactively convert your plan to a "no ETF" plan and just pay the difference (provided it's less than the ETF fee itself).


Either way ... good luck and remember that regardless of the company involved, a little "honey" is a whole lot better than "vinegar" when asking for a waiver from a customer service person.  They're people too, you know.   If you don't like the first person you speak with, politely hang up and try again -- no sense dealing with someone who may be having a bad day to begin with.

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Re: Early Termination Fees

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I had a similar situation. I spoke to no less than 16 agents, from the one who sold me the bundle to the one at the local Verizon store who took back the equipment. All had the same story, since I moved to an area that was not serviced by Verizon, I would not have to pay an early termination fee. Then when I received the final bill with the balance showing of $144, the supervisors I finally got on the phone said that the agents were wrong, the fees stood and I had to pay a $144 balance (I was owed a credit). When I tried to stop the EFT for the $144, they told me that the account was blocked and that they would not debit the $144 if I sent a letter to their dispute department, which I promptly did. Here is the address:

Verizon Disputes                                                                                                 

7810 East Escalante Road

Tuscon, AZ 85730

I have not heard back from the Dispute Department and just learned that they debited my bank account for the $144. I am convinced the agents just tell you what you want to hear just to get you off the phone because they will charge you the ETF no matter what the circumstances are.

Long story short, I was a 30 year Verizon customer that always paid my bills, usually always took the promotions they offered, but when it came to moving out of the area, my wish for being able to move for the wonderful service I had became bitter resentment for being naive to the fact that Verizon would even consider waiving the ETF for a loyal customer. Good Luck!

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Re: Early Termination Fees

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Contact the BBB

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Re: Early Termination Fees

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Might try writing to the CEO

Ivan Seidenberg

Verizon Communucations

36th Floor

1095 Ave of The Americas

New York, NY 10036

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