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Federal Subscriber Line and Access Recovery Charge question

Federal Subscriber Line and Access Recovery Charge question

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I have read on a consumer affairs website the "Federal Subscriber Line and Access Recovery Charge" listed in the monthly "Verizon Surcharges and Other Charges & Credits " category of my bill is not mandatory, and, in any case, has a Federal cap of no more than $6.50 per month per customer.


So why has Verizon charged me $7.13 for this item in my last moth's bill, and also possibly in previous months' bills? And is there a way to have this item waived totally, or at least reduced to no more than the Federal cap and applied retroactively? Between that surcharge and a monthly late payment fee, I am paying $12+ extra for my monthly bill.

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The charge is not mandatory, but it is permitted.  The FCC regulates it and sets the maximum rate:  per line.    The $6.50 maximum allowed rate is for the FIRST line you have.  Phone companies may charge for each line and the charge for each additional line may be higher than $6.50.  I have not seen a maximum rate listed for additional lines, though there may be one.


Is there a way to have it waive?  No.  I've seen this charge for a long time and by other phone companies.  It is a permitted charge intended to help pay for the cost of phone lines.


Why your  charge is $7.13 is a question beyond the scope of another user.  This is a peer to peer forum and posting here doesn't get a Verizon response.    To question the amount you need to contact Verizon Customer Support.  Use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.

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Thank you.


I will contact a Verizon support representative. I need to talk with someone official anyway, as it is past the deadline to re-negotiate a certain condition category of my residential telephone service. I was given a special rate under a certain circumstance at the time. And I need to find out if I may retain that rate (or the current rate for that special category), even if at a slightly higher price, if the Verizon representative may grandfather that special condition into my current service.


And I do have only one telephone line in my home, unless the DSL/Internet connection counts as a second line.

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