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FiOS Wire Installation & HDMI Box

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FiOS Wire Installation & HDMI Box

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I just signed up for the FiOS Triple Play with 380+ Channels and 35/35 Mbps internet speeds as well as unlimited calling (best of everything) and I was excited about my order until I started to checkout... We all know that movie channels are extra so I was not surprised to see my monthly bill start to add up but then I took a look at Public TV of Armenia, the only Armenian channel offered. Well, it's better than nothing I thought but an additional $4.99 a month for just one channel? Time Warner offers two Armenian channels at no additional cost and I can pick up two Armenian channels with just my antenna and digital TV! Looks like grandma is going to be disappointed... So no "special" channels for us but there has to be something good on one of the 380+ channels, right?


So then I get to the Set-Top Box selection. Do I want DVR Services? Sure I Do! Do I want DVR Services for an additional $16.99 a month? Ummm... I will have to pass on the DVR but since I and almost ever other Verizion Fios Residential customers have an HDTV, then of course I want an HD Box! Wait, $9.99 per month for an HD Box??? Shouldn't that be standard, especially if someone is ordering FiOS service? Looks like I won't be enjoying any HD movies on my 60" TV anymore. If the first Standard Set-Top Box is free (and a Set-Top Box and HD Box are the same price), shouldn't I get a choice of which one to get for free?


So in a matter of 15 minutes, I went from being ecstatic about my order to having to settle for mediocre "add-ons". At least I will get to enjoy my new services tomorrow! No? Ok, this weekend! No? Next weekend? No, I have to wait 3 weeks? Great, so a new house, new TV, and no Cable, Phone or Internet for 3 weeks? Ok fine, I guess I can live in the 19th century for a while. I place my order...


A couple days later, I get a phone call from the San Fernando Police Department. Without receiving any advance notice or even a phone call, a Verizon FiOS representative decided to stop by the house, while the only person home was my 85 year old disabled grandmother, and hop the fence with my 100lb German Shepherd in the backyard to install the new FiOS cable. I am just thankful that he did not get hurt and managed to somehow get his cable installed. Unfortunately for me in this case, my grandmothers Senior Medical Alarm necklace is linked to emergency services that dispatched an Ambulance and Police Unit to the house. The Verizon FiOS representative was apparently not around but I had to apologize to the Police Department for wasting their time and to make things worse, I had to explain to my grandmother that man banging on doors, jumping over fences and running around on the roof was no threat.


I never thought I would say this and it burns my throat as it comes out but, I am starting to wish Charter or AT&T were offered where I live... At least I have 30 days after the install everything today to cancel my 2 year contract and call Time Warner and see what deals they can offer me...


-Edgar Avetisyan




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Re: FiOS Wire Installation & HDMI Box

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Sorry to hear about the experience you have had with Verizon thus far. There are many places you can go for assistance with anything FIOS related. We are here online to assist you 24x7 through various different social mediums. You can get help right here on the Verizon Forums at , on Twitter at @VerizonSupport , or on Facebook .


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