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File a complaint about Fios customer service

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File a complaint about Fios customer service

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I have been lied to by Fios, been treated as a liar myself, and charged for TV services that never worked in my home. 


Back story - I decided in October to try Fios TV (after already having Fios internet).  I chose the $10 basic option (all I wanted to try were the basic channels).  After getting it and being unable to get service, I called because it didn't work.  I was eventually told the $10/month option only works on the mobile app and if I wanted it on the TV I would need a set top box and pay more money.  I decided to try that to see if I wanted it. 


The mobile app never did work for me even though I kept trying and waiting (in case it still needed to be activated).  When the set top box arrived, it didn't work either and I spent hours on the phone with tech support.  Ultimately they said someone would have to come my house to check the wires and I'd have to pay for the visit.  It was getting costly for something I didn't even know if I wanted (and time consuming - I had spoken with numerous people over several hours and several days because no one could keep track of what had already happened and everyone just wanted to sell me more services rather than fix the problem).  And then it took multiple phone call to cancel my service...why I don't know, I just know it never canceled and then I got a bill for services I still couldn't use. 


I contacted Verizon again, **bleep**.  They FINALLY got it canceled, but told me they couldn't remove the $25 equipment fee and TV service fees and TV taxes off of my bill because they didn't have a record that I had any problems with the service or that I had tried troubleshooting or that I had tried multiple times to cancel service.  No one would do anything.  I spent so many hours on the phone.  I finally started a chat so that I could save it and have a record of what I had tried. 


I paid the last bill and disputed the $36 TV fees with Discover.  Discover ruled in my favor and refunded the $36.  Verizon promptly told me today that I owe them $36.


I spent 5 more hours on the phone with Fios tonight.  I was told again  tonight that they have no record of me contacting them with any problems...  One guy also lied to me and said that I already received a credit for the equipment fees.  I mistakenly believed him so I thought I owed money to Verizon so I ended up paying it.  Something didn't add up to me though, I shouldn't have paid it...  The credit to my account was not for the TV equipment but because I canceled service before the end of the billing cycle (I have since confirmed that).  And now Verizon owes me money again. 


I am still waiting for someone to resolve this.  It has been such a waste of my time.  I hate paying for things that don't work.  More than that, I hate being lied to.  Verizon has repeatedly lied to me.

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Re: File a complaint about Fios customer service

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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.

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$36 fee on my Fios account - after service was cancelled

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I just want my account resolved so that I can be done with Fios. In my experience, the customer service reps all say they "want to help but unfortunately [they] are unable to do so".


I know this forum can't be help me because my account is closed. I will try, AGAIN, to talk with financial services tomorrow. The last time I spoke with them, they were finally helpful and refunded the $36 overcharge. Soon after they did that, the fee reappeared and I owe $36 again.


It's like Verizon thinks they can stall and bully a customer into paying a fee that was an incorrect charge because the customer will wire of disputing the charge. That is unacceptable.


Maybe I need to consider other ways to correct this. That seems like overkill for a $36 overcharge. But it also seems like overkill that Verizon won't listen and correct the overcharge and they instead waste their employee's time on things like this (I spent over 20 hours trying to fix this and have probably spoken with that many verizon people).


So, I don't expect help here. But if you are here considering Fios, please consider that it might not be worth your time...the customer service needs a lot of work. 

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Re: $36 fee on my Fios account - after service was cancelled

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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.
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