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Frustration with Verizon Service

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Frustration with Verizon Service

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I can not log in to review my bill but Verizon continues to take my money.   Yes, I do still get internet service, so I am not saying it is a complete rip off, but god knows if the bill is correct.  Verizon just takes whatever they think is appropriate and I have no way of reviewing it.   Really? 


This issue started around the first of this year, and I kept thinking it was me.   Several times over the first 2 weeks in January, I tried and failed to login, and the system would not even recognize my user id or my email.   Yet, if I tried to create a registry entry, the system said noooo you have one already at that email, yeah, the one we can't recognize!   One of my work tasks is maintaining multiple virtual servers in racks on a LAN with a WAN connection to remote office, a web server and cloud server.    I emphathize with fixing a server, so I tried to be patient, but this is really bad. 


So on 19 Jan 2013, I reported the problem to Verizon.   I sent in an email and was told to do an online chat.   Person online said the system was not working right but I could call in and they could fix it.    Ok, fine.  On the call, the person assisting me was astonished that she could see my account, but she could not reset the password.   She said, Whoa, we need tech support.    Yes indeed.   Tech support will call you.  Never happened, so I opened another ticket.


On 28 January, Verizon sent me a series of emails and the last one says (and I quote)


"I have placed a trouble ticket to resolve your issue. You should receive a resolution within one to two bill cycles." 


At first I thought they must be kidding, as surely disconnecting me indefinitely from the account access and still charging me for service does not meet the terms of service?   But still no luck today.    Heading towards two months.


SHOULD... ONE OR TWO BILL CYCLES?     Seriously?   How tough is this?  Should I swing by to fix the server?   Maybe your database has a corrupt pointer.  Mind you, if it has corrupt pointers, then they might be failing to provide adequate protection on credit cards, since it could jumble who is paying for who and could show data to wrong people.... which banks may not appreciate.   Yeah, customers get annoyed too.  


I am very, very disappointed in this abysmal customer service.   




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Re: Frustration with Verizon Service

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UPDATE - Logged in with my 'real' account instead of my forum account.


Vz contacted me and said


1) you don't have secret questions!  (the 'benefit' of being a customer since before anyone used secret questions).


2) we changed your username to one that you used many years ago

So, they made up some secrets, and now I can log back in.  

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