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Gift Card Scam

Gift Card Scam

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I know I screwed up when I answered the door, to a door to door salesman back in January.  I have been a Direct TV customer for the last 12 years and was tired of all the price increases, so I decided to listen. BAD MOVE!!! I was promised the same package I had with internet at a substanial discount from my previous provider and TO BOOT, I WAS TOLD I WOULD RECEIVE A $275.00 or maybe it was $300.00 gift card.  This was the deal changer that made me leave my previous provider. I was a happy new customer.


After about two days I realized I didn't have whole room DVR which I knew I was promised. (semi- angry new customer)  So I called, and after about 2 hours. I was told I would have it and I would be reimbursed. (calm-new customer)


Then about two months later I called customer service asking where my gift card was and they said I will get it soon "probably by next month" Never came!


Called again today a representative told me that this offer was not even an option at the time and she does not see it anywhere on her system or my benefits.. (Furiuos probably soon to be customer) After reading many of these forums, I am not the only one!.   I called the woman who sold me my package 4 times and still no phone call back. How can this happen? Typical Bait and Switch!!!! and I just started getting used to the set up, remote and channel line up. SMH!!

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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.

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Is there a way I can see my secure messages with agents, or do they conveniently disappear?

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Hi Mikejtor,


If you are referring to private messages in your escalation case, those should remain in your Inbox until you delete them.  Please check with the agents assisting you concerning chat transcripts.

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