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Given the run around by Elite team and other reps

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Given the run around by Elite team and other reps

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I am posting this in hopes that someone at a managerial level will be able to do something about this so I don't have to go through the headache of getting my service disconnected.


I have been on and off the phone with reps for nearly two weeks now trying to negotiate a price for a new two year agreement.  I originally placed an order on the 13th for a new rate only to realize that all of the prices we had discussed did not include my hardware rentals.  Once I realized that this was the case I immediately called in and spoke with a rep regarding my options.  I was forwarded to the Elite Team in order to be provided with the most competitive options.  I was quoted over the phone a price of 84.99 for my current bundle for the next 2 years without any increase.  When the rep attempted to process my order he began receiving errors indicating that different options may be available including services that are not even compatible with the hardware in my area.  That being said, he concluded that it must be a system issue and to please call back.  He informed me that he had put a note on my account about the rate we discusses and that anyone on the Elite Team would be able to push it through. 


I called back a few days later and spoke with another rep.  She acknowledged that she saw the note on my account for the quoted rate and would be able to process it for me if I wanted.  She then decided that it would be better for the original rep to handle it and informed me that she would send him an email requesting for him to call me back.  I never received a call back so I called in to the Elite Team again.  I was told that the Elite Team systems were down and that someone should be in contact with me when they came back up.  


I waited over the weekend to see if someone would call me on Monday.  I did not receive a call so I called in myself today.  I immediately asked to be forwarded to the Elite Team as that is what I was instructed to do.  I got on the phone with a rep from the Elite Team that proceeded to tell me that the original rep I spoke with was looking at my account wrong and offered me a rate that did not exist.  When I asked how that was the case if the second rep was also about to process the order I was informed that if that rate was available that the second rep would have processed it and not have instructed me to wait for a call back.  This rep began to get frustrated and rude as I questioned the reasoning behind their claims.  According to this 3rd rep: 1) The original Elite Team member didn't know what they were doing and 2) the second Elite Team rep lied or misled me by saying she could process the order and chose not to.  


I already have quotes from Comcast to get identical services from them at a contract rate similar but they will not be hiking the prices on my after 2 months.  


All that I want is what was promised to me by the first rep.  This all began with a letter claiming that if I signed up for 2 years of service I would save money.  The truth of the matter is that no matter what I do, if I stay with Verizon it will cost me more money.

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