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Good product, terrible customer service and retention

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Good product, terrible customer service and retention

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I normally do not post on forums but I had to share my experience.  My 2 year Fios contract has expired and my renewal rate will effectively cost me $45 more per month.   I called “customer service”, the first person I spoke was Jewel, she was rude off the bat and all I said was hello at that point.  She basically told me tough, gave me no alternative and was clearly not interested in speaking with me.  I asked to speak to a manager, she said none are available and someone would call me back within 24 hours, guess what no one called me.

I called back and spoke to someone who was a bit more help then Jewel but she basically said the price is the price and we don’t care if you cancel.  I also reached out to online chat, who said they I would get the same rate as a new customer, I said ok sign me up, she then said oh sorry can’t give you that rate.  I also reached out via email and the response basically ignored my problem and tried to sell me additional services.

I can truly tell you that after hours on the phone Verizon “customer service” is the absolute worst I have dealt with and that is really saying a lot.  After today’s phone call, I called Cablevision and set up and ordered their service, I will be paying $70 less per month for the same service, after the install date is confirmed I am canceling my Fios service.  Once my cell phone (3 phones) contract is up, I will be leaving Verizon wireless after 14 years.  Not because of Verizon wireless but because at this point I want noting to do with the Verizon company.

Everyone involved with Fios customer service should be embarrassed.  

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Re: Good product, terrible customer service and retention

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I wholeheartedly agree with you.  If our only alternative wasn't Comcast we'd probably switch back to cable as well.  We moved two years ago and the VZ rep who took in the move order completely screwed us up and lied about which services we'd be getting at our new house.  It took another several hours on the phone to straighten that out since we were being billed at a much higher rate.  It seems like no one at VZ takes any sort of customer service notes and each call is like a first call and each rep has a different solution - of which 9 out of 10 appear to be wrong.  Our worst experience though was a payment VZ never received and sent us a shut off notice.  It took 5 months of faxes and phone calls until I made it to a customer service rep in NYC where there were only 2 people in her office - basically as high as you can go without getting to the VP of customer service herself.  Even she could not tell me what happened to our payment.  Know what it was?  The PO box we'd been sending payments to for 9+ years was discontinued.  I even asked at least 4 reps to confirm the payment address and all 4 gave me one that was no longer in service.  FINALLY the check made it back to us as undeliverable.  I still have several pages in a notebook of notes on calls, names, results, faxes etc from that VZ fiasco.


Now we're being told that our 2 year agreement is up and that we can keep what we have for only $10 more per month.  Maybe it is time to look at Comcast again.

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