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HELP! Billed for Fios HD set top box despite shipping it with the provided UPS box by verizon

HELP! Billed for Fios HD set top box despite shipping it with the provided UPS box by verizon

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Is there anyone that can help me solve this dilemma I'm in???  I love FIOS, and was unhappy that when I moved it wasn't available just yet in my new location (it's down the block, but slowly making its way towards me).  I planned ahead and spoke to a Verizon rep letting know I'm moving and what I had to do to make sure my 1 year service was terminated with no problems.  Verizon mailed me a prepaid UPS box to ship back my set top box and other parts, which I promptly did before I left dropping it off at the local UPS store.  A month later I received a bill for several hundred dollars saying they never received the box.    I was amazed at this and contacted Verizon customer service.  I explained my situation to the customer representative and that's when things turned unruly.  The woman began blaming me for the box not being received and started questioning whether I had even sent back the devices.  Her rudeness went on saying I should have paid for a tracking #.  What doesn't make sense is that UPS automatically gives you a tracking # when you go through them so shouldn't Verizon already have that?  I unfortunately didn't have it anymore since it was over a month ago so the representative again continued to say it's my fault i didn't purchase a tracking # and began talking over me. 


Talk about frustrating!!  I just wanted a phone conversation to figure out how to settle/work this out and not be talked down to.  Shouldn't Verizon have this tracking # since they were the ones that sent me the prepaid box to begin with?  On Verizon's website it says use the UPS method and I won't have to pay for anything.  Well I did and now it's costing me over $300!?  Is there anyone at Verizon that can help me without being rude and accusational to me??  I love Fios and would love to switch back when it reaches me, but this ordeal is having me question this now and having my condo board switch to them.

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It was our pleasure to help out and get this credit taken care of. If you ever need help, please post again .


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