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How Verizon deceived us and doubled our internet bill in a year

How Verizon deceived us and doubled our internet bill in a year

Contributor CW1055
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I’m an 8 year Verizon customer and this is how Verizon deceived us and doubled our bill in the course of a year:


-In our previous apartment we were paying $55 a month for FIOS


-When we moved to the new apartment, we were told that we needed to pay an installation fee of $90 and that the monthly bill would still be $55 a month. It seemed reasonable.


-On the moving day the technician never showed up at the scheduled time. We ended up without internet for over a week, even though we called far in advance to request a technician. That made us pretty upset.


-A few days later and to our surprise, our monthly bill increased from $55 to $75 without any sort of explanation. We called Verizon several times and we grew tired of wasting our time waiting for customer service.


-A few months later we received another pleasant surprise from Verizon. Our bill increased from $75 to $110! Verizon’s explanation was that our 1-year discount expired and apparently we were also locked into a 2-year contract (although we’ve been with Verizon for 8 years and we just moved to a new place).


We are so disappointed with Verizon’s deceptive practices and their customer service. Not only do we always experience very long wait times to reach an agent and slow technical service, their representatives promise us one thing and give us something completely different. I really hope this is not standard practice, because it is a sure way to lose your longtime customers.

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Gold Contributor VII
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You have me confused a mite 😀

are you talking “internet only”? Or do you have other services?

if internet only at what provisioned speeds? That $75 sounds right for gigabyte internet only. There would be discounts with or without contracts.


so if discounts rolled off it could be around $110 more if bundled with tv and phone.


you state you had no contract, what does your service email say in the confirmation?

did you get an email? Did you read the email? It stipulates what the pricing is for service. The one time charge you were charged is about right since you did not take service via online ordering which usually gives free installs. It also gives discount information and a link to a future invoice broken down for you.


if you feel this was done without your consent contact your states Public Utilities Commission or Public Service Commission (google the website) and contact them since they have regulatory authority over Verizon and others.


they will get you in touch with Verizon executive escalations and Verizon has to get back to the state agency as to what was done. If you don’t agree with what was done the agency will delve further with Verizon. 


There is another method which you can tell me if you want, and I will send you the other method. 


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Thanks so much for your tips/advice jonjones. I wanted to answer some of your questions:


-We have a 50/10mb "internet only" plan without TV or phone, so I still don't know why we are paying $110 when the 100mb plan is being advertised for $39.99 ($59.99 after the first 12 months).


-Digging through my inbox, I found out that we apparently received 2 confirmation emails. In first one it stated that the estimated monthly bill will be $54.99 (the one that we signed up for when moving) and then Verizon sent us another confirmation email changing that amount to $74.99 with a $35 12 month discount applied after setting up the service. 


-I do think that this change was done without our consent, since first, we never ordered that service. And second, it's pretty sneaky of them to raise the bill after setting everything up and informing us by sending us a simple email. At that point we were already relieved that we finally had internet after 2 weeks. 


We are definitely thinking of contacting the Public Service Commission, but if you have any other method of solving this issue please let us know!





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Gold Contributor VII
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$74.99 minus $35 is $39.99 so that is the price you wanted. 

You would have to check your bill to see if it was reduced.


i sent you a private message with alternate actions. But it may not be necessary if the amounts above are correct.



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Hi CW1055,

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Please check your Private Message Inbox for a message from Verizon_Support. You can find your Inbox by clicking on your username at the top right corner of this page. Please direct all correspondence concerning your issue to the agents who will be assisting you privately.

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