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How can I remove my name from Verizon?

How can I remove my name from Verizon?

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I moved and do not want my name on the internet services at the old address because I might in the future get them at my current address. I tried calling with Verizon and had no luck in find a solution. The internet is in MY NAME and I can't turn it off or change the name because I don't know any info on the account because my old roomates that still live at the address changed all information. Help please. I've offered to show ID, provide social security number, and show up personally to a good store but I was told I could do none of those thing. I just want my name taken off the account so that if the ex-roomates do not pay the bill, I get left with it when I do not even live at the address anymore.

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Gold Contributor VII
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Send them a certified return receipt letter to their business/billing office stating you no longer use their service and no longer want to be listed on that invoice for services.

explain to them you no longer live there and that your name on it is FRAUD and to cancel all services forthwith.


save the copy of the letter and the return receipt card if needed in the future. 


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Sounds a little drastic to go all "certified letter".  


Have you tried simply talking to your old roomates and getting a copy of the bill so you can work with them to get the service details straightened out?  Seems the easiest way.


If you are listed on the account, know the address, and can produce the phone number, sounds to me like you should be able to get thru the authentication process.


Beyond that, have you simply gone to the post office and asked to have any mail sent to you at your old address forwarded to your new one?  (not anyone elses, just yours).  If the bill comes in your name, it will be forwarded to you and you can terminate the services using the information and your old roomates can then request a new installation.


But really ... are you on such bad terms with your old roommates that you can't ring them up and get things straightened out?

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There is nothing drastic with dealing with verizon. A certified return receipt telling verizon of the situation will be proof if this individual has to take further actions against verizon to protect his good name, or his credit rating down the line.


if the roommate changed the account access it was because getting service in their name either was not going to happen or their credit rating would kick out a deposit requirement. And it makes no difference if he is still friends with his past associates. Verizon is being told he no longer lives there, and wants his name and responsibilities off the account which is his right.


if they were really his friends they would have not changed his access to his own account and let him cancel service and let one of the others put it in their name.


every dealing i have with companies i have in writing, I don’t care about spending $9 to insure that in later dealings it cannot be said “I told them or gave them information or product back” i have file cabinets in my home with such evidence. I have never lost an issue in over 40 years. 


Protection of ones self is not over doing it. Its protecting ones self.

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