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How do I cancel my service?

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How do I cancel my service?

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How do I cancel my service on 9/15/10

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Re: How do I cancel my service?

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Just a friendly reminder, this is a forum where users help other users. It looks like your issue may require a Verizon representative's assistance. Please contact our customer service team via live chat or email at:

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Re: How do I cancel my service?

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What if you are trying to talk to a rep and you get the run around, I have been on hold for about 15 minutes after telling her i needed to talk to a supervisor. What do people do, or are we just a slave to the phone?

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Re: How do I cancel my service?

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I feel your painSmiley Sad

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Re: How do I cancel my service?

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Unfortunatlely you will have to deal with the Billing department that handles your account. Calling support will get you nowhere. The billing department like in most companies is only operational during certain hours, and will probably be very busy. You will just need to be patient and wait on hold for how ever long it takes. It is difficult when you are at work during normal Verizon business hours. 30-45 min is not unheard of. But they may pass you to the retention department to discuss your cancelation. Depending on why you wish to cancel, they may talk you out of it with a good deal. Then again you have your reasons, and yes it should not be that difficult.

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Re: How do I cancel my service?

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I agree with prisaz ... at the end of the day, you need only repeat the phrase "I wish to cancel my service".   You'll find that they will probably pass you to retention or ask you why and try to convince you otherwise, but a simple polite "Please, I just wish to cancel my service" answer to each question will get the job done.   It's only three or four questions usually before the billing folks reach the end of their required script which says "ok then, go ahead and cancel their service".


While I have not had this experience with Verizon (the one service I did want to cancel, they did after I confirmed that I wished to cancel my service and provided the necessary account verification information), I have had it with out other companies.   The key is to not answer "yes" or "no", but to articulate the phrase "I wish to cancel my service".   That way there is no confusion as to your intent.




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