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How do I correct billing for services not received

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How do I correct billing for services not received

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This is a repeat post as I replied to the one by the manager of the board and still not answer. Sorry for the repost but could not find a reply method and well really think a new post is better.


This has been called in for going on for more than month now and the operators are rude and I have to go through the explanation each time. This with holds and getting other people on the line takes something like approaching a hour.


The problem is simple. Version/Directv is billing me for an account which is not mine. Like you know a different account number. It comes down that Directv is billing me and collecting it through a direct credit card fee for my account and then along comes Verizon and bills me for someone else's account.


You call directv and they say they can't change it or they will be accused of stealing customers and Verizon gets the three of us on the line and they agree I am being billed for someone else's account by Verizon and Directv has no record of my signing up for the

benefit of having Verizon do the billing. Sounds like this could be illegal? Directv knows who the account number owns the bill I am getting and Verizon knows what the bad account is!


I do not understand Verizon's problem. The billing is illegal yet the best that can be obtained is it will be looked at. This is now getting foolish and I have at least two bills since notifying Verizon and can't speak to an operator.


The first reply here is also in the trash.

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Re: How do I correct billing for services not received

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Please be patient while the Billing Department works through your issue, as not all departments work over the weekend.

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