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How do you apply the trade in gift card to One Bill?

How do you apply the trade in gift card to One Bill?

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How do you apply the trade in gift card to One Bill?  It mentions how to use it on "Verizon Wireless" but not One Bill nor is there an option on the payments page.

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To pay your One Bill with your virtual Verizon Gift, you must call Verizon and ask to be transferred to a "Verizon One Bill Wireless Representative."  Yes, apparently One Bill has it's own department!


From there the rep can apply it to your account.


It needs to be said that, regardless of whether or not Verizon intended it thusly, that this seems like an effort by Verizon to get you to spend your card on Verizon items in store by intentionally making it frustrating to apply to the bill.  I would encourage Verizon to just add an option on the My Verizon page to pay by Verizon Wireless gift card.  This would immediately solve the problem of One Bill customers not being able to easily apply their gift card to their Verizon account, while simultaneously avoiding the perception that Verizon is engaging in shady business practices.

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Did this actually work for you? One Bill was totally unable to figure out how to apply it to my bill and I spent almost an hour on the phone with them (as well as other people w/Verizon and Verizon Wireless). Then, I got an email today from Verizon that says if you pay with One Bill, you can't use the card toward your bill. SO CRAZY, but Financial Services isn't open again until Monday East Coast time, so I'm waiting to talk to them (One Bill person was trying to transfer me to them Friday to see if they could do anything). 


Do you have the Verizon Wireless Electronic Gift card (not a Visa/other credit-card-affiliated card)?


Thanks for your help. This has been a nightmare and huge waste of time trying to get this figured out!



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OK - I'm now in the exact same situation - I'm sitting on $320 over 3 Electronic Gift Cards and I'm not interesting in buying 30 adaptors for my phones, or frankly anything new - I want to pay off my ONE-BILL.  Is the only option to cancel ONE-BILL use the gifts cards to pay down the Wireless bill and the re-register for ONE-BILL?


Verizon Customer Service is not ready for this question.  They better soon - when more and people start trading in their phones and get a gift card they can't use.


Updated note: Spoke to a Wireless Rep - confirmed that you can't pay down your wireless bill if you have ONE-BILL.  Also confirmed that you can't use #PMT or their web site - ONE-BILL edits kick and direct you to the wireline pages where they don't support electronic gift cards. 


Don't de-register from ONE-BILL unless you don't care about getting it back - it's grandfathered in with no way of re-registering per the Rep.


Looks like I'm going shopping for new BT headphones or something.

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Verizon website won't let me pay my bill with gift card. Called verizon rep and he said he can't make a payment via gift card over the phone. He also said the only way would be to de-enroll from One Bill. This is absurd. If I would've known this i never would've agreed to send my iphone5 to verizon for recycling. Now I am stuck with a $200 gift card that can only be used for crap i don't need. I feel like verizon intentionally misled me once again and also feel like i have been taken advantage of. I may just completely drop verizon fios as a result of all this nonsense. Verizon customer service is the worst. RUN AWAY FROM VERIZON.

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