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How to cancel services during this godawful strike

How to cancel services during this godawful strike

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I assume Billing isn't answering phones now. I thought verizon would have had some stand ins or something I want to cancel my Verizon service by Thursday, I have Comcast coming out on the Friday and dont want to have to call them up again to reschedule. ANyone actually managed to cancel?

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They are answering, just be willing to wait on hold for a very, very long time before they do. You can cancel but you will more than likely have to pay a termination fee.

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We havent been in contract since January so no fee.


I got somneone but when they sent me to billing I got nothing, no waiting tune, no automated message just silence,

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I tried cancelling my service today and I just got a message stating no one could help me because of the strike.

Its so frustrating because my telephone service is intermittent at best, and the internet is always giving me a DNS error so I'm now paying verizon for absolutely nothing..

I just want to cancel so I dont have to keep paying them for terrible service.

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Be persistant on getting credit, demand it. You should not pay a cent for a service when it's not working.

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Hate to say it but with these people you have to be persistant. You cant just call once or be nice. Nothing will get done for you otherwise.

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Well I finally got threw just for them to tell me they couldn't cancel the service because of a computer error and that I have to call back after i have Comcast installed. It's frustrating.

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Please be advised, due to a work stoppage, customer service agents may not be readily available. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.


In the meantime, you can access the Verizon eSupport site at  where you can find a variety of automated tools and support documents that may assist you.


Here are links with all means to contact Verizon: The Chat link will load after the page is fully loaded.


Finally, the Verizon Troubleshooter has a number of resources that allow you to try and fix your issue, if that's the way you'd like to go:


You can also post any questions in the appropriate forums here, and a peer will try to help.

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Take it all back to the FIOS store! They do have them iv been to one. what are they going to do refuse equipment or to close your account to your face.
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Doug I appreciate you taking the time to do reply to this, I know the workers picking up the slack for those on strike are having a rough time right now, but what I want to do is simple cancel my service it can only be done by phone by billing. Whom I spoke to and the woman got a computer error "I don't know what it is um... phone back when you get other services installed" .


I didnt think Verizon had places you could drop in? thats the **bleep**tiest part I have to MAIL the stuff back to them and they usually send boxes to collect it. Perhaps I will just leave it in store and walk away lol!


How can I ensure I don't get charged another 150 bucks & rental fees for equipment I cant return due to Verizon not having a clue how to treat employees? Can a rep answer me that?

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