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I am done with Verizon.

I am done with Verizon.

Copper Contributor
Device: HTC Touch
Plan: 50/20
Location: Brooklyn
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After paying $1000 two months ago, I'm down to this:



Explanation please.

Nickel Contributor
Device: HTC Droid Incredible
Plan: Unlimited
Location: Houston, TX
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Wow what in the world do you buy!?

Gold Contributor VI
Device: Env2 ,Cosmos, HTC G1
Location: Paradise
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medic2joey wrote:

Wow what in the world do you buy!?

Maybe he/she forgot to pay the bill on time? That's still a ton of money. 


"Today is my birthday. Time to celebrate!!!!."
Platinum Contributor I
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Your International plan does not cover calls to the Mars rover? Sorry to make light of your situation. What in the world was on your bill? Did you call one of those gimmic numbers to some off shore scam line that charges $1000 a minute? You should be able to get help with this. I have never seen such a thing.


Perhaps if you explaned more about why your bill was supposed to be so high, someone here can try and help. Without more information, it is rather pointless. I know there are some Verizon Employees hear that read the forums and help all the time. But you would need to send them a private message with more information. Perhaps they can help, if the charges are not valid, or it is a billing problem.

Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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#1 What is wrong with downloading and installing plug-ins?


#2 OR what is wrong with updating your plug-ins installed for your web browser?



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Copper Contributor
Device: HTC Touch
Plan: 50/20
Location: Brooklyn
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I just didn't pay the bill for two months, I didn't order anything extra.

Platinum Contributor I
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qwerty1234 wrote:

I just didn't pay the bill for two months, I didn't order anything extra.

No bundle. List price month by month on everything they offer. My goodness what is on your account? Everything verizon offers to a business and more? You know you can bundle items, change bundles, as long as you do not cancle. If you cancle a bundle agreement, you will need to pay the fee. Do you have a business account with static IP addresses? I can't figure a bill over $1000. Not even over $200. Add cell phone and that could be a problem if you have multiple phones and no data plans.


Device: a regular phone?
Plan: basic landline
Location: florida
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my bill isn't quite that high, but i've seen some stuff "added on" and i have not ordered or they claim it was on there before and yet again I've told them I didn't order it or they don't take it off when I order it. *shakes head*.... I'm with ya there buddy..

Copper Contributor
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It would be alot easier if you had clicked the "show current billing summary" button.  This gives an explanation of why your bill was that high. If you didn't view that, well maybe you deserve to have to pay that much

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