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Is Verizon Intentionally Overbilling You

Is Verizon Intentionally Overbilling You

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Do you think, like I do, that Verizon intentionally overbills it's clients? In the past, I have been overbilled so many times and Verizon makes its so difficult and frustrating to correct.  Friends report similar stories. The errors are never in my favor as far as I can tell.  I am talking major dollars. PLEASE INSPECT YOUR BILLS EVERY MONTH!

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I agree

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I agree, it's a part time job trying to stay on top of the verizon bill every month. I dread opening it.

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    WELCOME TO VERIZON      Smiley Happy




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 I Also agree and to have any billing corrected - it becomes very frustrating.  Verizon still working to correct mine.

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I agree here . Every month I have to scrutinize my bill to be sure its correct  , and even when  no changes are made the bill differs about every other month when it should flat out consistent .

We've  had FIOS for about 8-9yrs , TV triple play about 7yrs and each time it comes to renew I DREAD the thought  of having to call for the next 4+months to get the billing corrected (and again after a year as my 2yr NO price increase was not honored) . I don't understand how Verizon can be so inept and just get things right from the start .

Our contract is up again in a week and I'm really... "really" dreading on continuing the service , as I know whether I renew online or by phone , my new bills will be incorrect and it will take months an a ton of phone calls to get things resolved properly .

Also considering long time customers are not offered any real true incentive breaks (as compared to new customers) , all makes me very apprehensive to renew again . 



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Disagree that its intentional.  They have actually sometimes been in my favor.  Call me weird but I have let them know.


Certainly check them and let them now if there are mistakes.

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i agree 100%.  ive been with verizon for 6 years and customer service told me today that they basically dont give a rats bum how long you've been with them.  i get paid at the end of the month so my bill is always a mess and i have to scrutinize the hell out of it- and the payment is never the same.  when it comes time to pay them even though i pay in full at the end of the month- they have no mercy and they will and do shut you off, if you dont pay on time- really- a bill due the 21st cant wait til the 27th.  i just renewed too... i am so angry right now!!!

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Perhaps I'm lucky, but my bill has always been correct.   It does get a bit confusing to figure out if you change services mid-month (because you're billed for the month in advance, they had to credit out the full month, add back in the partial month, and then add in the new service for the partial and then bill you for the next month -- and initial bills are perhaps the most confusing.   But ... in each case for me, it was worked out correctly.   My bill is consistently the same amount every month.


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So far in less than 2 years , twice I have been double billed. It seems to happen if I pay more than 5 days late. They would do good to remember that other options are available. Legally it is a breach of contract so if I cancel and then they try to collect some early termination fee, I would just sue if it comes to that.

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