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Logging onto Verizon-Combining to VZ net

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Logging onto Verizon-Combining to VZ net

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Good day is anyone else out there having problems logging onto to access their account? This is ridiculous. I do not want to combine my accounts with and I do not see why this is an required action. All I want to do is review and pay my bill online.  NOW IF THE BILL DOESN'T GET PAID TODAY, then Verizon wants to send some **bleep** shut off notice for not making the date for the arrangements.  Why not give the people the option to want to register their account?!!! I do not need another email address, all I want to do is review and pay my bill! I called Verizon and now they said check tomorrow or Monday for the resolution of this problem.  THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE, I bet you they lose a lot of customers this way because we didn't sign up with Verizon to stress like this.

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Re: Logging onto Verizon-Combining to VZ net

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I agree. I go to the My Acccount Profile and click on" Deactivate the link"  to break the link between the 2 accounts ' but it fails every time. Its like they are forcing us to keep both accounts linked.It probably wouldn't be so bad but when yoru account info shows up with your name , phone number ,address and your email address it its not even a secure connection.

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Re: Logging onto Verizon-Combining to VZ net

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So, you've obviously successfully gotten into the forums and logged in ... with a Verizon account or a forums only account?


If you used your Verizon account, try clicking the "Account" tab at the top of this page (there's a drop down of "Payment") and see if that gets you to where you wanted to go.




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