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Longtime FIOS Customer Ready to File Complaint with Attorney General

Longtime FIOS Customer Ready to File Complaint with Attorney General

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We signed up for the FIOS triple play as soon as it was offered in our neighborhood and were thrilled with the performance of the service. When my sister moved, she asked whether I thought it was worth switching from cable to FIOS. On my recommendation, she signed up for a FIOS bundle that was so much better than mine at such a good price that it prompted me to review my account. I discovered that I was still paying $115 a month for 10/3 internet, a level of TV service that was not even listed on the Web site anymore, plus phone. The price listed for existing customers with no contract for a bundle with 15/5 internet, FIOS Prime TV and phone was $105. How long had Verizon been overcharging me for inferior service? I called and spoke with a billing representative. I expressed my dissatisfaction that as an existing customer I was being gouged. (Verizon certainly has no trouble passing on price increases to me, or notifying me if paying for a higher level of service would "save" me money. Guess the reverse is not true.) He was very helpful, put me on hold several times to consult with supervisors or another department, and offered me a very nice solution -- basically the "new customer" price for 12 months, plus a $20 one time credit. I asked for a confirmation by email, and he instead gave me a confirmation number. Unfortunately, once I got the bill and deciphered it, it did not seem to match what he offered. There was a $20 one-time credit, but only a $20 per month discount. Not even close to the new customer price! (Which they get for 2 years, by the way.) I called to discuss this with Verizon, but I was told that due to the strike they could only record this as an issue and would research and resolve it when the strike ended. I just got back to this today, and was told by both a representative and a supervisor that $20 a month was all they could offer, the notes in the system did not reflect the offer made, and if I wasn't satisfied, I could cancel my service and sign up as a new customer to get a better rate. I don't really know why Verizon would want to alienate a customer, cause both them and the customer the inconvenience of cancelling and resubscribing, and causing me to consider whether to stick with FIOS at all. (Recent issues with glitches on pay-per-view, DVR and sometimes live TV have tempered our love of FIOS. And don't even try to get a credit for botched pay-per-view!) Anyone have success resolving similar issues? I'm seriously burned by this and considering a complaint the attorney general's office. Seems like deceptive business practice to me.

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Verizon support is in receipt of this issue. We will send you a PM to gather additional information.


Tonya D.

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Feel the same way. Want to go to the state dept of consumer affairs. If their practices are not illegal they are certainly unethical and dubious. Itis getting harder and harder for average Joe's to get satisfaction with any provider of services or goods. God bless the small operations that actually know the need the consumer and genuinely appreciate us

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i have the same problem here back when they were on strike they screw up my account and to this day i'm paying more than before for less channels and i was without cable for 21 days when i call customer service the supervisor refuse to talk to me causehe said someone had mess my account so bad he couldn't undertand it so  he told the rep that billing dept. will call me withing 7 days any were from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm but no one call.   i originaly call to lower my bill for a service they were ofering for 79.99  cause i was paying 125.00 now with there screw up i'm paying 147.00 + thats double considering i now have at least 125 channels less than before.....

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I would like to co-sign any complaint issued to the Virginia Attorney General or state representative.  On the first Friday during the strike we had a storm and my cable/internet experienced an outage.  When I called technical support I was told there was an outage in the Fairfax area and both cable and internet would be restored within 24 hours.  I didn't have cable or internet for the entire term of the strike.  When I called to ask for a credit for the time that my cable was out I was told that they would only give me $12.00 for a total of 4.5 days of no internet or TV.  I was obviously irritated.  It was then that the agent on the phone told me that I would receive no bill for the month of September and didn't need to pay until October.  At the end of September, I received a full bill for the month as if nobody did anything.  When I called back to find out what happened, I was told that my request for a full month's credit was denied because my account was suspended due to delinquency.   I have never missed one payment.  When I said my account was delinquent because Verizon told me not to pay for September, they said I needed to call billing.  I followed their instructions and called billing, who then told me that my account was not delinquent and they would resubmit my request.  They said please make my payment for the end of Sept-Oct....I paid as asked in the exact amount they told me over the phone on the spot....Today I just got my bill for Oct-Nov, they back-charged me for the credit as if none of this ever happened, so now tommorrow I need to go and spend 3 more hours on the phone with them just getting lip service.  This is ridiculous that a company can get away with something like this.


This isn't the first time I experienced a problem like this with Verizon Fios.  I have been charged for cable equipment that I have returned, and presented a UPS receipt with tracking number, told that it will be removed and then they continue to bill me.  I have tried to ping my internet several times to find out if the speed they offer is what I'm really getting and they block all the sites that allow their customers to do this.


I have detailed notes, dates, names and copies of receipts in addition to invoices.  I have just been waiting to find others who are experiencing situations like this with this awful company.  This is unfair and deceptive business practices and they use their monopoly over the area as leverage to allow incompetance in their employees and force their loyal customers to pay. 

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Im also filing a complaint with the Attorney Generals office regarding Verizons **bleep** practices. I've called 3 times and got nothing but lies from Verzion about repairing my DSL service. Have spent 3 plus hours on the phone with these **bleep** artists. All you get is we'll escalate the problem to a supervisior, which means we just deleted your ticket call and going to give you the run around.


Verzion has lied about coming to the house to repair problems, they will lie to other telephone companies saying they repaired problems when they havent been at the place nor in the area. They will bill these 3rd party telephone providers who have no choice but to lease the lines to them for labor they didnt even do.


I've spend more than 3 hours and heard nothing but Verizons **bleep** regarding getting my DSL service restored. All they do is stall, attempt to tell you what you want to hear and provide absolutely nothing.


So I've already filed a complaint with the attorney generals office, the FCC is next and so is the better business bearue.


The problem is that Verizon owns every single line in NJ and they dont give a {word filter avoidance} about anyone. You call them on the phone and start to tell them your going to file a complaint with the Attorney Generals Office and they mok you on the phone as if their {word filter avoidance} dont stink. In otherwords, they already have tons of complaints from customers and they get away with it because they are a large company.


Im not going to stand for it whatsoever, so if you hear a complaint from us from every single government agency regarding this problem Verzion, remember you {please keep your posts courteous} brought this upon yourself.

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I have similar problems.  Join the class action law suite.  Verizon only wants your money are more!

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