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I want some assistance. I am sick to death of being harassed day and night by IC Systems claiming that I have not returned my verizon equipment. This scam is well played. They send a final bill with over $400 charged for returning their equipment (we cancelled our service, we don't want tv and we got cheaper internet), when I call to challenge this charge I'm asked to write a letter to contest it. YOU SENT ME THE BOX AND LABEL TO RETURN IT, AND UPS PICKED IT UP FROM MY HOUSE!! So I write the letter. No answer.

It takes one month for them to forward this on to a collections agency (IC Systems) whom I also spoke with and whom I also had to sent a handwritten letter to in order to contest the charge. I'm sick of this. Now my phone rings daily. I have a full time job, kids, etc and I don't have time to be writing letters and talking to representatives on the phone who don't have any information other than I ower Verizon. I want this rectified immediately, because there is no way you will be getting hundreds of dollars from me for a few pieces of equipment I have no use for and that Verizon had collected directly from my FRONT DOOR. This seems to be a regular problem many people are having.


Rather than write it up myself, I'll copy something someone else said on this forum within the last 4 months "I search the internet, it seems that this is quite common with verizon. One guy posted the same complaint in the forum just yesterday. It is either theft was done at the UPS store or somebody just want to charge me more. I am planning to go to the UPS store and complained. Probably file a police report so that they will start an investigation. I think the UPS Store has a CCTV cameras. I want to go to the bottom of this mess. Verizon, if this is your mistake, PLEASE FIX IT"

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Sorry you are having difficulty, an agent with access to your account will reach out to you directly by email, private message in the Forums and/or the billing telephone number on your Verizon account for more information to help you resolve your issue.

Contributor thebohomama
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This is still not resolved. I'm being told to contact I.C. Systems to resolve the matter, and then I.C. Systems tells me to contact Verizon. Laughable. After a month of disputing this charge (which is clearly fradulent) they already had forwarded it to the debt collector. Now I'm in limbo with no one able to help me. What a terrible company.

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