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Monthly Over Charge

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Monthly Over Charge

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Every Month Verizon over charges me by about $100 and for the last 2 months I got them to take it away.  But this is the third month and its getting rediculous.

I make should they take down notes and make them swear it wont happen again, but nothing works, i'm about to drop them and get ANYTHING else.

What can i do to prent this illegal Fraud without wasting my time off contacting them?

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Re: Monthly Over Charge

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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.

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FRAUD and Verizon

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For the Last 4 months my bill has been 2x as much as its supposed to be.


I call up and they apologize and Verizon fixes it and say it won’t happen again.


The next month it happens again, and again they assure me it won’t happen.


I tell them this is Fraud and they are just hoping I won’t call it in and pay the 2x amount.


I usually spend 2 hours on the phone or chat with them trying to fix the issue.  Again they promise to fix it but give no accountability. I usually Post here and Verzion responds with something like "Sorry for the issues this has been given a ticket to fix" but they lie and it doesn’t get fixed.


I asked to get this elevated to the next tier and they say "someone will call you in 3 days."  But Verizon LIES and no one calls.


What Am I supposed to do?  Verizon Apologies but I have wasted 30 hours of my time in the last 4 months.  Where is my compensation?  A real company that cares would try to make this right, but instead I get lied to and hung up on and passed around and made to wait for hour, days, and months.  I can only make calls at work which means it’s costing me to fix this and Verizon does care.


Go ahead and write "Solved" or "This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent." but it doesn’t matter... You have an annoyed customer and are only willing to do the absolute minimum. 


I can't trust anything any one says at Verizon, I have caught them in lies and reading scripts, and pointed it out and no one cares... No one at verizon actually gives a Darn.



So thanks for nothing, thanks for wasting my time, thanks for not compensating me for my lost hours of work, thanks for your empty promises, thanks for your scripted "I'm sorry and understand how you feel".


Go ahead and "This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent." its all worthless, I will be calling back up when you try to double charge me on month 5.

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Re: FRAUD and Verizon

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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.
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