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My $300.00 Visa Card

My $300.00 Visa Card

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I have had Verizon since 12/15/11.  It is now March 30, 2012, and I have yet to receive my $300 Visa Card that was part of the package and choosing Verizon as my phone, television and internet.  Your company as been jerking me around since February.  I have written to the Better Business Bureau in Washington, DC., telling how Verizon does not follow through with what they tell their customers on their  contract.  I thought  Arrogance of Power  went out with Organized Crime.  Quit **bleep** with your customers, Verizon and give them what you say your going to.  Look forward to hearing from the Better Business Bureau.  They are real **bleep** when they hear consumers are being screwed by big business.  

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Sorry to hear about the troubles with your reward card. What is the process it says when you go to and login with your order number as the username and your last name as the password?


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I am having the same problem, except I was supposed to get a $500.00 visa card.  I just called client services and apparently someone switched me from a 2 year plan to a month to month plan.  I started with Verizon Fios at the end of December.  I was told that I should have had listened to a terms of service call in order to have been put on a 2 year plan and because I didn't, I was switched to a monthly plan.  My question is why wasn't I told about this terms of service call?  And why was I switched without my knowledge?  I am not a happy client right now.

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Same problem. I switched over from Brighthouse December 1st. Was told would receive a $300.00 visa gift card within 90 days. Impossible to reach anyone. Went into a Verizon store today and they looked up my account. Told me there was nothing showing i was to receive the Visa gift card.  Complete scam....ive read  a couple post where other victims were told they did not respond to a phone call so they were no longer entitled to the card.  Never had issues with Brighthouse...bad mistake. Will be going back to brighthouse. At least there customer service is good. Verizon is nothing but smoke and mirrors.  BBB complaint will be filed.

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