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My Daughter might lose her job because...

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My Daughter might lose her job because...

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she called in sick this morning and left a voice mail, but her boss is saying she never called.  It happens to be a call that she had to dial 1 to make, so it's a long distance call.  Tried customer 'service' at VZ to see if we could get proof that she made the call.  No dice!.  Maybe, and it's a big maybe, after the bill comes on the 27th, we can check again and they might be able to get that information.


If the police want information such as that, all they have to do is get a court order and I'll bet they'd have it within an hour, yet the owner of the the account can't get it?  In this age of high tech, for that not to be possible is disgraceful.  VZW won't put a tower close enough to get decent wireless coverage either.  I sup[pose they are afraid too many people would drop their land line accounts.  Maybe I need to look into the cable company's offerings.  Even though they shut down service periodically, a couple times a month, it might be the better way to go.

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