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My First Fios Triple Play ($89.99) Bill - And a Penalty = $212.06!!!!

My First Fios Triple Play ($89.99) Bill - And a Penalty = $212.06!!!!

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I almost had a stroke when I opened my very first Bill from FIOS today.  Holy Cow. The advertised Triple Play - $89.99 came to a FINAL bill of $212.06!!!


Looking at it closely, I see the included a PENALTY of $59.99 - Early Termination of the "Premium Techinal Support" that I had for 24 hours! Plus the Monthly Tech Support Charge of $14.99!   


I posted about this before - These people sold me their premium technical support because their "level 1" representatives could not figure out how someone could connect to my computer via port forwarding!  ( Suport# {edited for privacy}For those FIOS reps interested  to see this atrocious history ).


After being passed around for 3-4 hours to roughly 5 different reps, they concluded, that the FIOS Router was simply too advanced for the software I was using, and that I would have to purchase a static IP and upgrade to a business account to solve my problem.  The problem I was asking Tech Support to help me with?  I use a Peer to peer chat client. The person puts in my IP# and it connects to my computer, and we chat.  Tech support could not figure out why the other party was getting a TIME-OUT message and it would not connect using my IP of    --- They spent hours, remote controlling my system, setting up port forwarding, trying DMZ or something like that. HOURS.  HOURS and HOURS.  After selling me the premium tech suport, their expert technicians recommended the Static IP and could help me no further. Frustrated, I resigned myself to keeping Cablevision for my Chat program, and FIOS for all else.


The next day, BY ACCIDENT, I visited a website which reflected a totally different IP coming from my computer? Guess what it was? Yeah - the PUBLIC IP - {edited for privacy}!!!!  That would be the IP# that should be giving to people OUTSIDE!   Sure enough, my friend plugged in the public IP# and connected.  The FIOS Router WAS NOT too advanced. It was NOT the software providers problem. It was NOT something needing a Static IP. 




Instead they SOLD me this fake expert tech - which I cancelled the next day when I figured out the problem on my own - AND NOW THEY BILL ME FOR THIS!!!! 


Are you serious!?


I can't wait to get back to the office to tell everyone who keeps asking me how Fios is as they consider switching, what a sham this was.  How you get sold expert help that can't figure out something as basic as a PUBLIC IP vs a PRIVATE IP!!! 


I'm just stunned by this.


OVER $200!  That's about twice what I paid for Optimum Onlines Triple play!!!!!



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We sent you a message on our private support board to assist you  and we did not receive a response.  Please repost the issue if you are still experiencing a problem so that we may assist you. 


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